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Languages : Should I write posts in english or in my own language?

Should a blogger whose native language is not English, publish posts in English or in his native language (or in any other language that he may master)? Which option will in the long term attract the largest audience?

Here are factors that you must take into account before picking a language:
  • The number of existing web sites in this language
  • The potential readers of the blog
  • Your ability to produce posts in this language

Existing web sites or blogs in a languages

W3Tech published recently a detailed article about the number of web sites per language ( Main facts are:
- English is by far the main language used for web site ( 53.1% as of August 2016) but its share is decreasing.
- Some languages are not well represented (for instance: 0.8% for Arabic)
- Some languages are growing fast (Spanish)

Potential readers

You can find an estimate of the number of internet users per language for the top 10 languages on the site of 'internet world stats' (
I strongly believe that, in the case of some languages, the large number of internet users and the tiny share of the existing web sites represents an opportunity for someone who intends to start a blog. The most outstanding example is Arabic with 168 millions of internet users and only 0.8% of the web sites.

Your ability to produce posts

If you do not master a language do not try to write posts in this language. You may waste much time and your blog may never attract traffic. On the other hand, if you master a language other than English, you should consider publishing in this language, if there is a large potential audience and reduced competition from other blogs and web sites.


  1. one should write in the language he/she is comfortable with but never mess two languages in a single blog. I tried to write hindi and english in my blog Trick Junction But cpc decreased after posting in hindi so removed all hindi posts.

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