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How to Submit Blogger Blog Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools

A successful blogger always looks for different ways to generate organic traffic for its blog. By organic traffic I mean visitors are coming to your blog from search engines such as Google. To make your blog visible in Google search engine you have to submit your blog sitemap to Google Webmaster tools. Before you submit your blog to Google webmaster your blog must be added to Google webmaster tools. For details you can check our article on How to add blogger blog to Google webmaster Tools. In this article I will be explaining you how to submit blogger blog sitemap to Google webmaster tools.

Before we begin with the tutorial, let’s see what actually the Sitemap is?

A sitemap is of two type HTML and XML , here i am explaining an XML one which is basically a text file having your blog pages list which exists on your web log. Web crawlers use this sitemap to discover your blogs and it helps in indexing your posts in Search engine such as Google.

How to Submit Blogger Blog Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools

Before submitting a sitemap to Google your blog must be added to Google webmaster tools click here to learn that first else if your blog is already added to webmaster tools proceed with the following procedure.


Login to your Google Webmaster tools account and click on your blog URL to access web tools


Along the left side of webpage Click Crawl >> Sitemap, Now click on a red color Button placed in the top right corner saying “ADD/TEST SITEMAP”.


Once you click on ADD/TEST SITEMAP button a popup box will open after your blog URL, enter the following code then click submit sitemap.

ADD/TEST SITEMAP in Google Webmaster Tools


If your blog has more than 500 posts, then you have to add one more site map, simply follow the procedure from step 3 once more but this time add the following code in ADD/TEST SITEMAP text box.


I hope you are now glad to know that your blog sitemap has been submitted to Google and there are high chances you blog post will be indexed sooner as it was before submitting a sitemap.


  1. Thank you very much. I have added sitemap and it started showing the crawls and indexed pages.


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