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How to Customize your Blogger Blog Using Stylebot

Bloggers always wants their blogs to look a top notch infect not only bloggers any website owner will like his website to look stunning and different from others. Not much of bloggers and webmasters know how to code or customized their blogger blogs. We as bloggers normally search for a better looking template on the internet and when found simply apply to our blogs but where the uniqueness go. We usually neglect it and those who want to customize their blogs they don’t recognize the tricks. In this tutorial I will be guiding you how to customize your blogger blog using Stylebot which is a Google chrome extension.

What is stylebot

Stylebot is nothing but a Google chrome extensions that helps you stylizing your blogger blog that way you want by customizing css of blogs.

How to Customize your Blogger Blog Using Stylebot

First download STYLEBOT from Google web store or click this LINK. After that open your blogger blog by typing  the URL in address bar.

Open Stylebot

You will see a CSS icon placed besides the address bar. Click on it and then press “open Stylebot
Now a horizontal panel will open having different sets of options to customize your blogger blog. Simply move your mouse over blog you will notice a green color border will form around each element as you move, select that element of your blog which you want to customize. There is also another method for selecting an element.Go to that element press right click of the mouse and click Stylebot >> style element.

Selecting Post Title

Here I am presenting an example to explan how Stylebot works but you can do a whole lot more than this using Stylebot.

Customizing  Post Title

Select Post tile >> Go to the text section of Stylebot. Here you can customize your post title by changing its font, increasing font size, adding underline to it etc. You can reset the customization if you have done something wrong by pressing reset button on the bottom.

Text Options to Customize

When you are done with the styling of your blog, click on Edit CSS button place on the bottom screen of Stylebot and copy that code. We need this code to add it to our blogger blog.

Edit CSS

Copy CSS
Adding the code to your blog

Log-inn to blogger and go to the template section of a blog and click customize >> Advanced >> Add CSS >> Apply to blog.
Customize Button In Template Section
Paste CSS

Note: once you have customized your blogger blog in Stylebot but have not applied changes to blog, it will still show the changes to you only even you reload your blog, to remove this open your blog by typing its URL in address bar then click on CSS icon and Select Remove styling.

I hope you have now known how to customize your blogger blog using Stylebot, this is an easy way you don’t need to be a tech person for it.


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