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Free Online Tools to Check your Blog For Malware Scripts

Online Malware Scanning Tools
Malware is a malicious piece of code that messes up with the functionalities of your website or blogs and once it gained access to them they can collect sensitive information from your websites. When we add third-party widgets or plugins to our blogs we don’t know about what sort of scripts are placed in there or when we go for a free template for our blogs then also we don’t know what’s placed in there. As prevention, we can check our blog for malware after applying templates or widgets to make sure our blogs are free from malware. In this article we will tell you free online tools to check your blog for malware scripts.

These days bloggers is its self-monitoring blogs for malware scripts and if any found they will add a warning message of malware each time user sees your blog and also shoot you email in webmaster tools. This will bear upon your reputation among your readers and they might be uncomfortable in seeing your blog again in a fear of malware. So it is better that you ascertain out your blog for malware and try to resolve before blogger checks it.

Free Online Tools to Check your Blog For Malware Scripts

Sucuri provides free online check for malware scripts placed on your blogs and list out basic information about the check. You can use its paid version for in-depth analysis and it is run round the clock. Block suspicious activities, notifying you if something is going wrong on your blog. Works all the time for you even when you are catching some Z's. 

Visit and insert your blog URL in Scan website text box, then press Scan Website button to initiate the procedure.

online Malware Scan


Virustotal is the product of Google, it is actually a free service which analyzes your blogs for suspicious files and URLS. It also detects viruses, Trojans, worms and of course all types of malware. You can bank on this service as it is provided by Google. 

Visit and Select the URL tab and insert your blog URL in the text box, then press scan it button rest will be done by Virustotal.

Free online Malware and Virus check for Websites

Do check your blogs with these free online malware check tools and keep your blog safe from malware and other harmful scripts. Do share you thought with us about this article in comments.


  1. Farhaj Bro this article helped me alot because my site contains malware scripts! Thankoo so much!


  2. Great tips to check for malware protection. Thanks for providing this useful post.
    Regards - Content Writers in UK


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