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How to Backup and Restore your Blogger Blog

In this era of internet, hacking has become more common and we see websites getting hacked or been attacked by malware. If you don’t have backup in these situates then it becomes very difficult for webmasters and blogger to recover their blogs from attacks. So what you have to do to encounter malware or hackers, it’s pretty easy always take regular or once a week backup of your Blogger blog. Once you have a backup for your blog you can easily use it to restore your blogger blog. In this article we will be teaching you how to backup and restore your Blogger blog.

How to Backup and Restore your Blogger Blog

Taking backup of Blogger

Login to your Blogger blog and navigate to the Settings page of your blog. 
Now click on others >>export , a pop up will open simply click on Download Blog to start downloading. Once downloading finishes keep the downloaded file in safe part of your hard drive or you can save it into your USB or External drive.

Restore Blogger Blog

To restore go to settings >>other and click on Import under the heading of Blog tools. A pop will open having a choose file option and enter CAPTCHA code as you see on screen  (CAPTCHA  is a verification system used to detect weather user are human or bot) , Now click on Choose file button and upload the Backup file which have taken during backup then Click on import Blog button and you are done.

You have successfully learned to backup and restore the blogger blog, I hope this article will assist you in the future whenever you want to backup and restore your blogger blogs.


  1. Glad to know that you are updating quickly again.

  2. Awesome explanation for backup a blog.Thanks probloggertricks.


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