Wednesday, 1 October 2014

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How to turn colors into shades of grey

play with images using canvas
Canvas is definitely a powerful tool and you can use it to turn color pictures into black and white pictures.

Actually turning colors into shades of grey is a simple manipulation: declare a canvas, load a picture and apply the transformation script.

Sunday, 14 September 2014

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How to insert a calendar in a post ?

how to insert a calendar
How do you display a series of dates? How do you insert a series of dates in a post? Can you take advantage of a series of dates to render your post visually more attractive?

Actually there are 2 methods of presenting a list of dates.

Sunday, 7 September 2014

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How to align pictures in a post

How to align photo in Blogger
Have you noticed that it is not easy to align pictures horizontally in a post in Blogger? Have you ever tried to align 2 or more pictures?

If you try to adjust the position of each image using the alignment options proposed by Blogger (left, right, center), it does not work. Why is that? and how can we align images properly in a post?

Tuesday, 2 September 2014

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Images : The Good Practices

Images : the good practices
We all know that images attract traffic and are paramount to the success of a blog. But what are the good practices? Is it possible to use images found on the web? Does the image have to be resized? and how images can be used to increase traffic?

These are the questions I will try to answer in this post.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

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How to Rotate a Text or an Image

How to rotate a text or an image

CSS3 offers new ways to decorate texts or images. One of them is rotating. Using CSS3 'transform' property, you are able to rotate anything including texts and images.

As of today, this property is implemented with or without prefixes on more than 85% of the browsers in use worldwide. IE supports 'transform' from version 10 without prefix and from version 9 with prefix: -ms-. You are pretty safe using it on the condition that you add vendors' prefixes. This post is an introduction to the CSS 'transform' property and how it can be used in a post.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

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Can I use the HTML Canvas Element in a Post?

The HTML5 Canvas Element
Canvas is an HTML 5 element that can be used to draw on the fly in a web page. About 90% of browsers in use, today, implement Canvas. You'll find a complete list of compatible browsers here.

Canvas is a powerful drawing area. It comes with a set of javascript commands for rendering 2d shapes  and bitmaps. Inclusion and manipulation of texts or images are also possible.

This post is a quick and limited introduction to Canvas.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

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3 logo generators to give an identity to your blog

Logo Generator

A logo is a paramount component of the identity of your blog. To attract interest, it should be created from an original combination of graphics, colors and typefaces. At the same time, it should remain simple to facilitate the mental association with your blog.

Designing a logo is not an easy task. Fortunately, logo generators exist. This post introduces three of them that I personaly use.

Monday, 4 August 2014

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How to use CSS positioning in your posts

CSS positionning

This post is an introduction to CSS positioning and how it can be used in posts in The example on which this post is based will show you how to add text to an image but CSS positioning may be used for other purposes: merging images or animating texts for examples.

Monday, 28 July 2014

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How to add your own CSS styles to

CSS Styles
Drafting and publishing posts on your blog takes time. Make it easier. Define your own CSS styles and use them over and over in articles.

As a matter of fact, adding your own customized CSS styles to the template and using them in posts is possible and does not require advanced knowledge of

Here is a very simple example of what can be done using customized styles in

This is my favourite style

Let's see how it can be done.

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

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How to add AddThis Welcome Bar in Blogger

AddThis Welcome Bar
Did you believe that blogging is building up traffic? Well... not exactly. Blogging is more like exchanging with an audience. A blogger does everything to keep his audience interested and involved. In return he gets traffic, comments and subscribers on his site and followers on FaceBook and other social networks.
One of the best ways to attract the attention of your readers is to implement in your site, a welcome bar displaying a short welcome message. Nowadays it is really easy to do with AddThis ( In this article we will show you how to implement AddThis Welcome Bar in your blogger blog. AddThis Welcome Bar can displayed on all modern browsers including IE 9 and above. AddThis Welcome Bar can be downloaded for free.

How to add AddThis Welcome Bar in Blogger? 

Step 1: Go to and register. Registering with AddThis is mandatory however if you have a FaceBook, Twitter or Google+ account, you can sign in directly. After logging, a customization panel is displayed.

Step 2: To customize the bar, you must select a theme (color), enter the message you want to display, enter the link associated with the button that is displayed on the bar, etc.

Step 3: Now you have to copy the code proposed by AddThis into your blog. To do that go to, open the template, click on HTML and paste the code in the head section then save.

It's done! Good blogging.

Monday, 9 June 2014

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How To Publish Your Posts Automatically to Google+ in Blogger

Publish your Posts to Google+
Google+ has been a new stage these days for getting popular and sharing your stuff to the world. If you are a blogger, then you must be fully aware of Google+ and would know the need to get enough audience that makes your post popular, enough popular that you feel your hard work has paid off.

Google has provided all the bloggers with a function that could simply do the job for them of putting up their blog posts on their google+ profile without any manual sharing that is usually needed to be done on other Social websites like Facebook and Twitter. You just do the settings once and then each and every post of yours will be there on your profile, easily accessible to everyone in your circle.

In this tutorial, we’ll guide you throughout the process of linking up your blogger with your google+ account so that your post gets up there and entertains more visitors for you.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

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How to Add an Instagram Photo Gallery Widget in Blogger

How to Add a Instagram Photo Gallery Widget in Blogger
No matter whether you are a photography blogger or not, promoting your photos or content at instagram could certainly improve your traffic as well as your followers. Considering that instagram have millions of users across key countries like USA, Canada and other European states. If you are looking to add an interactive instagram photo gallery widget to your blogger site, then you have reached to the right place. Today in this article, we will show you, how to add instagram photo gallery widget in blogger.

Wednesday, 26 February 2014

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How to add a Animated Quote to Blogger Blog

Sometimes the article we write on our blogs needs to back up by quotes and we mostly placed them in quotation marks which is obviously the most common way of displaying equations in blogger blogs. Mostly the people which are running tech blogs or inspirational blogs used quotation on daily basis. Quotations we as blogger use in our blogs normally includes press release, some authorities has said some things on their product release or regarding an update of products or service. Quotes are a highlight point of your blog post which needs to be presented in a better way to grab reader attention. So today we will show you how to add a animated quote to blogger blog.

Saturday, 22 February 2014

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Make Your Blogger Blog Private or Give Access to Specific users

There could be various reasons for which a blogger would like to make his/ her blog private or give access to specific people. Some are coming into my mind which I am sharing with you is we create widgets for our blogs or to share with other people through our blogs and we normally create a separate blog for testing purpose. These cases of blogs are to be meant for public users they are for developers or webmasters of that blog. So today the topic which I am covering on my blog is make your blogger blog private or give access to specific users.

Thursday, 20 February 2014

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How to Add Beautiful Bubble Comment Counter to Blogger Blog

Adding a bubble comment counter in blogger

Comments are always seen as an important factor in the success of your blog. Users normally comments on your blog to appreciate author of that post, or to ask questions. One way to judge the popularity of the post is to see the number of comments post has received and for that you need to put comment counter on your blogger blog. In this article I will be explaining you how to add beautiful bubble comment counter to blogger blog.

Monday, 17 February 2014

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How to Receive Comment Notifications Via email in Blogger

Comment Notification for blogger Are you running a blogger blog and want to receive comments notifications when some when comment on your blogger blog then you have chosen a correct article to learn. Here we are giving a solution for it in this article we will tell step by step procedure to receive comment notifications via email in blogger.

How to Receive Comment Notifications Via email in Blogger

Step 1

Sign inn to your blogger dashboard. If you have multiple blogger blogs in your account select the one on you would like to enable comment notifications.

Step 2

Once you have selected blog, go to Settings >> Mobile and email. Then go to Comment Notification email text box and enter emails address on which you would like to receive comment notifications.
You can enter up to ten email address in this text-box separated by commas (,).

Step 3

After you have entered your email in this text box press save settings button to complete the process. Now any one will comment on your posts you will receive comment notifications in your entered email.

If you have set Gmail address in comment notification section, you will receive comments in the social section of your Gmail account.

I hope now through this article you have learned how to receive comment notifications via email in blogger. Check our post on disabling comment from blogger blog if you want to remove comments from your blogs. Do write to us in comments section about these articles.

Saturday, 15 February 2014

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Free Online Tools to Check your Blog For Malware Scripts

Online Malware Scanning Tools
Malware is a malicious piece of code that messes up with the functionalities of your website or blogs and once it gained access to them they can collect sensitive information from your websites. When we add third-party widgets or plugins to our blogs we don’t know about what sort of scripts are placed in there or when we go for a free template for our blogs then also we don’t know what’s placed in there. As prevention, we can check our blog for malware after applying templates or widgets to make sure our blogs are free from malware. In this article we will tell you free online tools to check your blog for malware scripts.

Tuesday, 11 February 2014

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How to Turn off image Lightbox in Blogger Blogs

Today my post is about disabling image Lightbox in blogger blogs and if you are wondering what is this lightbox. Here is an answer for you when we click on post images on our blogger blogs we see images pop out and the page behind fades out in light black color. Lightbox is enabled by default in all blogger blogs, however some bloggers don’t feel like having this lightbox for them I am writing this article. In this article I will show you how to turn off image lightbox in blogger blogs.

Monday, 10 February 2014

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How to Add Favicon to your Blogger Blog

Branding your blog is a good thing and we as bloggers don’t really concentrate on it. One small way to brand your blog is adding a personalized Favicon to your blogger blogs. Those who don’t know what a favicon is? The favicon is a 16 x 16 pixel image which is placed on tabs and address bar of web browsers. By adding favicon you can have lots of advantage, one is that you are branding your blog, when some user bookmarked your blog favicon will be there as a label and in browser history it is there too. So today I am going to teach you how to add favicon to your blogger blog.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

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How to Rank Higher in Search Results by Optimizing Blog Post title

Rank Higher in Search results
According to SEO perspective blog page title or post title is the most important factor. Post titles play major role in ranking your blog post higher in search engines. Blogger templates which are not SEO optimized by default have a blog title before their post or page title which can harm your blogger SEO. In this article we will teach you how to rank higher in search results by optimizing blog post title.

Wednesday, 5 February 2014

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How to increase Blog Traffic by Optimizing images

SEO abbreviation of search engine optimization plays a critical role in driving traffic to your blogs or site that's why most of the bloggers and webmasters always try to improve SEO of their blogs. Optimizing images before uploading them to blogger blog can also play an important role in improving the SEO of your blog and most of the bloggers do not pay attention towards optimizing images. We as bloggers when download images they are saved as irrelevant names such as untitile.png, do you know that the Google image search is the widely used image search engine users always use it for finding quality images, icons and photos. You can drive a large no of audience to your blog by optimizing images and we are here to serve you. In this article we will describe you how to increase blog traffic by optimizing images.

Tuesday, 4 February 2014

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How to Submit Blogger Blog Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools

A successful blogger always looks for different ways to generate organic traffic for its blog. By organic traffic I mean visitors are coming to your blog from search engines such as Google. To make your blog visible in Google search engine you have to submit your blog sitemap to Google Webmaster tools. Before you submit your blog to Google webmaster your blog must be added to Google webmaster tools. For details you can check our article on How to add blogger blog to Google webmaster Tools. In this article I will be explaining you how to submit blogger blog sitemap to Google webmaster tools.

Monday, 3 February 2014

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How to Add Blogger Blog to Google Webmaster tools

Google webmaster tools is a free web service provided by Google, this service is basically built for webmasters and website owners. There are lots of things we can achieve using Google webmaster tool such as access search statics, check blog crawl status, your blog index stats etc.. To access webmaster tools we have to submit our blogs to Google webmaster and today I am telling you how to Add your blogger blog to Google webmaster tools.

Saturday, 1 February 2014

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How to Customize your Blogger Blog Using Stylebot

Bloggers always wants their blogs to look a top notch infect not only bloggers any website owner will like his website to look stunning and different from others. Not much of bloggers and webmasters know how to code or customized their blogger blogs. We as bloggers normally search for a better looking template on the internet and when found simply apply to our blogs but where the uniqueness go. We usually neglect it and those who want to customize their blogs they don’t recognize the tricks. In this tutorial I will be guiding you how to customize your blogger blog using Stylebot which is a Google chrome extension.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

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How to Add Back to Top of the Post Button in Blogger Blog

Back to top of the post buttons is a button once clicked it will navigate the user to the top of the page or post. It is basically used for better scrolling, users don’t have to navigate using scroll bars instead they can use this button to reach to top in no time. Those bloggers who wishes to write a long post or if you have a video blog where you post lots of images in the single post back to the top of the post button is very useful for you. Back to top button not only saves the time of your visitor, but it also adds an enjoyment factor to your blog. Just follow the steps carefully and you will discover how to add back to top of the post button in blogger blog.

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

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Useful tips to Reduce Bounce rate of Blogger Blogs

How to reduce bounce Rate og Blogger Blogs
Bounce rate is considered an important factor in blogging and we as bloggers must pay attention to our blogs bounce rates. Bounce rate is the Average no of visitors who visits your Blog and leave after a short time without navigating to other pages of your blog. So it’s better to have your blog optimized for bounce rate. In this article I will be explaining you some useful tips to reduce Bounce rate of blogger blogs.

Monday, 27 January 2014

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How to Disable RSS Feed in Blogger Blog

In some case blogger want to disable their blogs RSS Feed it can be because of many reasons. the two reasons which is coming in my mind is blogger simply don’t want its post to be emailed or if someone is using your RSS Feeds for auto publishing posts in its blog. Yes your RSS Feed can be copied using different scripts in both these case you needed to disable RSS feed. In this tutorial I will be guiding you how to disable your RSS Feed in Blogger blog.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

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How to Create and Add Google Custom Search to Blogger Blog

Google Custom SearchThe search engine in our blogs creates a good impact on our readers as it makes the blogger blog looks professional and helps users to search blogs conveniently. There are dozens of search widgets available for blogger blogs, but none can be better than Google has offered. For those who don’t know there is search service called Google custom search which Google has built for websites and blogs. In this article we will be explaining you how to create and add Google Custom Search to Blogger Blog.

Thursday, 23 January 2014

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How to Backup and Restore your Blogger Blog

In this era of internet, hacking has become more common and we see websites getting hacked or been attacked by malware. If you don’t have backup in these situates then it becomes very difficult for webmasters and blogger to recover their blogs from attacks. So what you have to do to encounter malware or hackers, it’s pretty easy always take regular or once a week backup of your Blogger blog. Once you have a backup for your blog you can easily use it to restore your blogger blog. In this article we will be teaching you how to backup and restore your Blogger blog.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

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How to Add Google Website Translate Button in Blogger

Google Translate Button

People that live in the world consist of different casts and culture and they speak different languages.Approximately about 6000 to 7000 languages are spoken in this world, now coming towards blogger blog we normally built our website in English because it is an international language widely spoken across the world. By creating our blog in English we are doing right, but what for our those readers who don’t understand English that well, taking this aspect in mind Google has made a tool which can translate your blog in about 60 + languages. In this article we will teach How to Add Google Website Translate Button in Blogger.

Thursday, 2 January 2014

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Analyze Your Blog Traffic and Competitors For Free - SimilarWeb

Anazlye Your Blog
No doubt dozens are free online tools available on the web for bloggers when they came to analyze their blog traffic statistics. Most of the time we are using few limited online tools with which might be well aware all tech geeks and bloggers. While in my case, i have been using google analytics and woorank since 2012. Meanwhile i did not find any useful tool by which we can calculate blog traffic and competitors accurately. However, there are various splendid paid online tools which could be help in bringing your competitors and give all the possible results regarding to the blog traffic statistics. However, sometime you must be worry, what to do ? Where to go? if we need to check the blog current visitors analytic and competitors at the current time without registration and much more. In such situation i have a solid solution which can be more useful to fulfill your desires. So here i am going to present you one splendid website (SimilarWeb) by which you will quickly access all the rights which you are manually handle in google analytic. So, in today's article we will show you how to analyze your blog competitors and traffic by using SimilarWeb online tool.

What is SimilarWeb and how does it work

To give you a brief idea. SimilarWeb is an online website which provides a single tool for checking both traffic and competitors. This tool work similar to google analytic. While google analytic needs registration, installation of ID on the template but here you do not need to have registration or other any access authority. So it would automatically show all the traffic related data, Referral traffic, Social media and much more. Its mechanism is so simple. Just go to the website. Enter your desire blog link and then see the whole visual graphic of your blog whole background.

How to Use Similar Web for Analyzing Blog & Website

Do'nt look here and there. Here is a complete guide, which will show step by step how to check active visitors, Traffic and your competitors. Lets come and follow the below step by step guide.

1: First of all go the SimilarWeb from here.

2: Put your Blog url in the searchbox and hit the enter.

Anazlye Your Blog traffic and competitors
3: Check your Blog visitors Visual statical graph data

Anazlye Your Blog traffic and competitors


Add your competitor blog to know how is the winner.  You can also add multiple competitors. See the below screenshot.

Anazlye Your Blog traffic and competitors


Compare the results. The fist one will be always the Primary blog which want to do competition and the alternate will competitor blog often comes below the primary ones. To give you the illustrative view see the below screenshot.

Anazlye Your Blog traffic and competitors

In the above screenshot the primary blog is and the competitor is one of my friends blog. You can clearly see the graph for visitors flow, the yellow zig zag line reference to the competitor blog while the blue line reference to the primary blog. The highest traffic tendency always achieved by the competitor however the recent update of nov 2013, we crossed over the competitor blog. As you can see in the screenshot. The blue line is going upward while the yellow goes down constantly.

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Need Help

We hope this tutorial have helped you a lot in learning how to analyze your blog traffic and competitors for free using SimilarWeb. We would recommend to check your blog as well of your competitors too and know who is the winner. This guide will prove helpful for you in regarding SEO and much more. So i would like you to check your blogs add the competitors and do share your result with us. Thanks.

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