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Top 20 Professional Bloggers from India of 2014 - (Infographic)

Top 20 Professional Bloggers from India of 2014 - (Infographic)
Online marketing is growing day by day all over the globe. Internet was used only for Entertainment and fun in its early developmental days. However, with the passage of time there was introduced bundles of popular websites based on social media and affiliated markets by talented, skillful webmasters and web programmers. Soon in 21Ist century online marketing was increased dramatically in all over the world & now it was known to every teenager & youngster by the name of Blogging. Now the handsome word Blogging is loudly proud by most of bloggers from special countries like Pakistan, India, UK and USA.

If you remember, earlier in the beginning of my blogging journey,  we have prepared a detailed tutorial about the Top 10 Pakistani bloggers of the year 2013. Today i have come again with one another interesting tutorial which would prove that India is not left in the field of blogging and online marketing. In today's post i will show you the top 20 most popular bloggers of 2014. All these bloggers will show here infographically. 

Here we are going to show only those bloggers belonging to India. Indeed India is a special country counted in the list of Top development countries. It has gain more popularity in all fields like education, business and technology. So i was thinking why not show its blogging profession to the whole world. India has now more than 20+ professional bloggers & their talent show the ability to the whole world that we are not behind in any field of technology. So here is a list of 20 bloggers blogs from the year 2014.

Credit: We always respected the copy rights law. So the presented Infographic has been taken from  if you are interested in sharing this news, then kindly do link back to the SML.

Top 20 Professional Bloggers from India of 2014 - (Infographic)
Top 20 Professional Bloggers from India of 2014 - (Infographic)

All the above are Pro Bloggers belonging from India different big cities and villages. So we have also compiled a list of these top Indian's bloggers in the following rank format in the below section.

  1. Amit Agrawal belonging to Agra

  2. Harsh Agrawal belonging to New Delhi

  3. Clinton Jeff belonging to New Delhi

  4. Bharat Nagpal belonging to New Delhi

  5. Abhishek Bhatnagar belonging to New Delhi

  6. Abhijeet Mukharjee belonging to New Delhi

  7. Rohit Khurana belonging toNew Delhi

  8. Anshul Tiwari belonging to New Delhi

  9. Raju PP belonging toBangalore

  10. Tarun PKbelonging to Mumbai

  11. Arun Prabhudesai belonging to Pune

  12. Srinivas Tamada belonging to Chennai

  13. Pradeep Kumar belonging to Chennai

  14. Ashish Sinha belonging to Bangalore

  15. Tony John belonging to Kochi

  16. Manish Chauhan belonging to Pune

  17. Jaspal Singh belonging to Jaipur

  18. Amit Bhawani belonging toHyderabad

  19. Ashish Mohta belonging to Kolkata

  20. Jane Sheeba belonging to Chennai

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We hope this tutorial may have helped in finding all the most popular & pro bloggers of India 2014. We are greatly thankful to SML to give us this awesome Infographic view. So If we miss any blogger by a chance then kindly do let us know through the below comment section.


  1. Thanks for sharing such a informative article, keep bring informative article like this, by the way you are a great researcher, hope you achieve your goal soon :)

    1. Thanks Adil bro...for your kindly feedback..Really all the above are energetic bloggers from India. Hope we would have been there in coming years....thanks.

  2. I really idolized this two bloggers (Amit and Harsh Agrawal). They are really great bloggers. I wish probloggertricks will be the next in the list in 2014.

    1. Thanks for praising..Inshallah we will try our best to be the Top in the list soon in 2014..THanks.

  3. Hi,

    Great job you did dear.

    I think you will also become one of them but you need to do hard work dear.

  4. most of the bloggers are from delhi
    Thats great
    then why we claim bangalore is a city of bloggers

  5. Whoa! Awesome work bro! Compilation of all the famous (and awesome) bloggers of India is not a child's job! PROUD OF INDIA!

  6. Great work Bro, you are always number one in sharing the list of Professional Bloggers From India.thanks for sharing this interesting infographic.

    Amit Kumar

    1. Thanks buddy...I love indian bloggers their blogging styles and hardwork...Thats why i often write about them....thanks.


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