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How to Delete Blogger Blog Permanently

How to Delete Blogger Blog Permanently
Delete Blogger Blog Permanently
Have you ever tried for an ordinary blogger blog to delete or remove permanently? Have you succeeded in deletion your desire blogger blog? If you have been tried several times and did not get success how to properly remove the blogspot blog completely from your blogger dashboard then here is a complete step by step guide which will show the trick how we can throw the ordinary blog from blogspot dashboard permanently. Sometime you might be get interested to remove all the unwanted blogs from the blogger dashboard and do not want to show them again in your account, in such case most of blogspot users hide their blogs instead of delete it from the dashboard. They actually do not want to know, how to delete the blog from the dashboard and hence they simply hide the selected blogs from the account which is not the perfect way to delete unwanted blog. So in today's article we will guide you, how to delete your blogger blog completely from the blogspot dashboard.

How to Delete Blogger Blog?

How to Delete Blogger Blog Permanently
Blogger is one of the finest blogging platform on the web where a non expert show his ability using its dashboard. Blogger is easy to use and easy to manage that is why we called it perfect platform for newbies. If you are the blogspot user then you probably know, we could create upto 100 blogs per single account. But what to do if we cross the limit and want to create more than 100 blogs. Blogger does not allow us to create more than one hundred blog. So we will remove or delete all the ordinary blogs which we do not want to use for blogging and then we could easily publish extra blogs without any hassle. So here you will learn how we can get rid of ordinary blog by deleting them permanently from the blogger dashboard.

Login To the Blogger Account >>> Click on your desire blog which you want to delete >> Go to Setting >> And then click on Others >> After that you will see three options at the top of the page. 1: Import Blog 2: Export Blog 3: Delete Blog >> Now you will have to click on Delete Blog >> Clicking on this option you will be given another option whether you want to backup your content or to delete the blog along with contents. If you want to delete that without backup then simply click on delete button and then save. Congratulate; you have done almost everything. 

How to Delete Blogger Blog Permanently

Need Help

Hi buddies, this was just a beginner tutorial about deleting blogger blog permanently from the dashboard. Now Blogger gives this privileges to its users to delete all the selected blogs which you do want to show anymore in your account. So i think this was the complete guided article about the issue. If someone face any problem during deleting the blog then kindly do let us know in the below comment area. thanks.


  1. Though its very easy to delete a blogger blog but still very useful for newbie bloggers.


  2. thanks for this information bro plz tell me how to change blogger page url example

    /p/blog-page.html into /p/beauty-tips.html

  3. Very Informative Post for Newbies.
    Lot of People don't know about how to delete blog permanently but this article will surely help them.
    thanks for sharing bro.

  4. Awesome Post Hafeez Bro!

    I really didn't know how to delete Blog, It's useful info for me and for those who don't know about this info. Well, Thanks for this Opportunty Hafeez! :)


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