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How to Stop Tracking or Disable Your own Pageviews in Blogger

Stop Tracking Your Own pageviews in Blogger
Today we are going to discuss how to stop your own pageviews in blogspot blog. Obviously every blogspot user deeply know about blogger dashboard but there are still some of the new additional features which many of you might have seen. blogger provides built-in splendid analytic tool which show or tell the result of your pageviews. In other words we can say, it is a monitoring tool which calculate the visitors states pageviews and showing popular posts rank. But be aware, blogger built-in monitoring tools is not so well and does not give the accurate pageviews number however if we do some serious modification inside the blogger dashboard then we can get the exact number of visitors pageviews. Yesterday one of our users requested how to stop tracking  the own pageviews in blogger dashboard. So in today article you will be guided, How to Disable or Stop Tracking Your own page views in Blogger blog.

Why We should Stop Tracking Our own Pageviews?

Being a blogger user you might be visiting your blog again and again several times a day and during visiting you might refresh dozens of pageviews yourself. However blogger calculate all the pageviwes of visitors and would also include your own pageview in the traffic statical chart.
For the reasons it becomes difficult that you will be unable to know the real statistics of your visitors pageviews. for example if you receive 8000 pageviews a day out of which 3000 pageviews are your views, then the remaining real pageviews are left only 5000. Now you could easily eliminate this issue to show only the real statistics of your visitors.

Disabling Your Own pageviews in Blogger

This is not much difficult to setup this customization inside blogger. First of all you have to Go to blogger dashboard >> Go to Stats >> Overview. Now look at the right side of the screen, just below you will see this option "Don'nt Track Your Own Pageviews" Click on this link
Stop Tracking Your Own pageviews in Blogger

After clicking on the link you will be ask for " do you want to track your own pagewies or not. Now you can easily check the box which show that" Don't Track Your Own Pageviews" and then hit the save button. Now blogger would disable and stop tracking your visiting pagevies until you remove the cache or cookies of your browser. A new window will pop out asking you whether you want to track your own pageviews or not. Now just check the box next to the “Don't track your own pageviews” and press the save button to finish the whole process. At this instant, Blogger would stop tracking your own views until or unless you clear your browser cookies or tried to access your site with different browsers.

Stop Tracking Your Own pageviews in Blogger

We hope you would like this tutorial and would help in tracking down your real visitors pageviews statics. If someone face any problem or getting issue then kindly inform us by leaving comments. You can also find this tutorial very helpful if you want How to install google analytics in blogger blog. This tutorial would give more accurate result to show the exact unique pageviews. thanks.


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