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How To Show Read More Link in Feedburner Feeds from Blogspot ?

Display Jump Break inside Feedburner feed
Do you want to show the read more button inside the Rss feed or Google feed burner. Have you ever seen or tried to display the read more link in feedburner feed. We have received dozens of email request from visitors, most of them saying "readmore link does not work in feed burner" while other say how to enable read more from blogger setting. So all these question have the same meaning, readmore link is a button which display small portion of posts on blog homepage. The visitors will be unable to read your post until they click on readmore link. The whole post will display when he/she clicks on readmore button. So this was one of the common issue from feedburner that why readmore button does not work RSS Feeds. So in today article we will guide you, how to show readmore link inside feed burner feeds.

Why to Display Read More Link in Rss Feeds

Read more link is very very important to display in feedburner. You must be worried and thinking that why does it so important. let me ask you the question. You might have received emails from popular blog from which you have been registered your email account. In my case i have registered my email with and whenever he publish any post or article i immediately received email about that post but not completely, the post inside email show only upto readmore link and display full after clicking on readmore link which also redirect me at the place where it has been published.
So this was one of the best example that i have shown to you. No body will redirect to your blog when your post goes by email in their account. they will read your entire full post without visit your blog, but if we set readmore link then they will must redirect to our blog. So come to tutorial and learn how to display readmore link in feedburner.

Learn How to Add Readmore Link inside Feedburner Feed

Being as blgospot user, the setting for displaying Jump break inside rss feed is not so difficult. we have to do some simple changes inside blogspot dashboard to control the rss feed setting and showing the perfect read more link.

  1. Go To Blogger Dashboard:
  2. Go To Setting >> Other:
  3. Click on Allow Blog Feed:
  4. Select Until Jump Break:

Display Jump Break inside Feedburner feed

  1. Wait at least 24 hours to show the read more or jump break inside feedburner feeds:
  2. Now you have successfully add the readmore link in your feedburner feeds:
Read more link in Feed Burner

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Need Help in Adding Jump Break in Rss

SO guys that was all about how to display jumpbreak inside feedburner or Rss through blogspot setting. We hope you have found this tutorial unique for blogger tricks. If anyone one need further assistance than kindly do post your query in the below comment section reply will be emailed soon. Thanks buddies keep in touch with us.


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    1. Hello,
      wow looking for this since last one month and haven't expected that this would be so easy.

      Now I will definitely add this for my blog i.e solvemyhow and will definitely share your post link with my 3-4K loyal reader.

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  2. thanks for the info.


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