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How to Print PDFs from Over 300 Different Windows Formats

PDF Converter
People who frequently send out electronic documents are well acquainted with the Portable Document Format. It is the best format for sending, archiving and printing documents as it retains the original document formatting and allows people to view the file on any computing platform.For people who only need to convert their documents into PDFs occasionally, there are easy online tools that get the job done quickly and free of cost.However, people who spend hours on the computer each day creating charts, reports, presentations, e-books, brochures or images can gain a lot from a powerful desktop virtual printer like the Free PDF Creato. In today article i will show you How to Print PDFs from Over 300 Different Windows Formats style easily.

Learn How To Print PDFs from Over 300 Different Windows Formats

How to Print PDFs from Over 300 Different Windows Formats

Very importantly, the converter is also completely free and allows users to print any number of Windows files for an unlimited period of time. So, if you are looking to send out important budget spreadsheets to a client, or want to convert your e-publication to a steady, universal format, you can choose any of over 300 file printing options that the PDF Creator provides, like Excel to PDF, Publisher to PDF, JPEG to PDF, etc.
Among the tool’s most popular features are:
  • 1: Quick and smooth PDF printing
  • 2: Free technical support
  • 3: Supports Asian languages
  • 4: Free of cost
  • 5: Unlimited use (no file size limit, no period of use limit)
  • 6: Enables PDF password protection

In order to download the tool, you need to go to the tool’s page here:
During the installation process you will be prompted to register, but you can skip this step and install the software without registration.

Once the tool is installed, here is how you can use it:

Step 1:

 Open any Windows file that you want to print to a PDF format. 
 Click on the Office button and choose Print, then among available printers select “FreePDF Creator”. 
 Click OK and wait for the following box to appear:

How to Print PDFs from Over 300 Different Windows Formats
pdf converter
Step 2:

Now you have the option to choose between three output quality levels of your document. These levels  are: Web quality, Print quality, Prepress quality and you can also choose a Custom quality where you can pick your general, color, gray scale and monochrome properties.

Step 3:

Next, you can fill in the document properties, or leave them empty. If you want to fill the information in, you can provide the title of your document, its author, subject and keywords.

Step 4:

You can also enable document security by password-protecting your document. You can set any password you chose for opening the document, which means that whoever tries to open it will need to enter a password. Or, you can set the password only for people who want to change the document.  That way you decide how people can use your PDF file.

Step 5:

Finally, go to your PDF’s editing options. Clicking on the “PDF Editing Options” will give you a chance to try a free version of a powerful PDF management tool, PDF Converter Elite 3, which will allow you to edit, convert and unlock PDFs. This tool is a good choice for business professionals with more demanding PDF conversion needs.

How to Print PDFs from Over 300 Different Windows Formats

By clicking on each of the features in the Free PDF Creator box you’ll see a list of options and will be able to choose one, so the software is very easy to use.

Considering the Free PDF Creator’s advanced PDF printing features and no cost for using them, it’s certainly a desirable tool for any Windows user.

Guest Post by Anna Stanley

Hey guys this is guest post by Anna Stanley who is professional programmer at PDF Converter


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