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Excellent Trick how to Apply For BuySellAds and Get Approved

Most of bloggers and webmasters have a dream to become a successful buysellads publisher. They work hard day and night for getting approval by BSA moderators. But let me tell you the fact, getting approval from BSA is not an easier job as you think. You have to do a lot for your blog and make it capable according to BSA terms and conditions before applying to them. Most of bloggers lose their courage when fail or getting disapproved email from BSA administrators. They left blogging and most of them moved to another alternative direct advertisement program. But the reality shows that still there is no competitor of BSA on the web. Now the competition is going hard day by day because BSA receive thousands of websites each single day to get into their marketplace but they approve only those blog which fulfill their approval criteria. So in today article we will show you the excellent tricks, how to apply for BSA and get Approved.

What is BuySellAds ?

BuySellAds is the most popular no1 advertising network where publishers sell ads and advertiser buy ads. It is one of the professional and popular advertising network which was founded in 2008 and gaining popularity in very short duration of time, where in 2013 it touches the height of success. BuySellAds is consider as ads agency for both publishers and advertisers. Being hope as BSA publishers, You must have a professional blog with quality and unique contents, because they will not let you add in their marketplace unless you have fulfill their needs. So here we will give you some major tips before applying for BuySellAds network.

Minimum Requirement To Get Approved By BSA

Your Blog must have fulfilled all these official requirements before applying To BSA As Publisher. Buddies i share their eligibility criteria which they strictly mention to read before going to hit up your blog into their ad marketplace. So we should must take tour to read their basic requirements for becoming BSA publisher.

Major Criteria for BSA Publisher : Requirements for Blog or Website
  • Your Blog must receive at least 50,000 page impressions per month:
  • Your Blog also receive at least 1000 unique visitors per day:
  • Your Website must have a TLD ( Top Level Domain ) they do not accept website having .blogspot, .tk or any sub domains.
  • Your Blog must have professional theme or template. ( Awesome Designing)
  • Your Blog should not have bundles of Ads banners before apply to BSA.
  • Your Blog must be alive and has no server errors.
  •  You Blog should not contain any porn or anythings illegal.   

How To Apply for BuySellads Publisher Account ?

I hope you must have read all the above requirements, if your blog fulfill their eligibility criteria then you are welcome to apply for BSA publisher. Let me do how to apply for buysellads publisher account.

Step 1: Registering Your Free Account at buysellads.com

First of all go to buysellads.com and then register your free account by pressing on Sign-Up button. Remember you must have insert your real detail: Your Email Address, First Name, Last Name and your home address etc:

BuySellAds Registration

To Complete the registration form agree to their terms and condition and press "Create The Account Button". Now within a few movement you will get an email from BSA to verify your email address. Now what to do Next. 

Step: 2 Applying For BuySellads Publisher Account:

After completing the BSA registration you have to go your BSA account by Entering your email and password. Now Go to http://buysellads.com/publishers and select “Small Publisher” then proceed to the next step.

BuySellAds Registration

When you Click on the Get Started Button you will be able to see the below blog registration form.

BuySellAds Registration

  • Website Title: This text box need to insert your blog title. remember you must not exceed the limit of 27 characters. i would recommended to insert your blog title without spaces. for example. in my case i will insert ProBloggerTricks instead of Pro Blogger Tricks.

  • URL: This text box need to insert your blog url without http: to remove your confusion i will show the example here. insert it as  www.probloggertricks.com because http: already start at the beginning of the text box.

  • Description: Most of professional bloggers says that about up to 20% approval or denied depends upon your blog description. So make sure you must insert the relevant and professional description related to your blog niche. 

  • Select Proper Channel: Most of blogger do not care about the channel while applying for BSA as publisher and thus they select irrelevant channel for their blog or website and get disapproved. for best practice i would recommended if your blog niche is technology then go for technology channel, if your blog niche is all about make money online then go for business and marketing and so on. 

 Done: Now you have registered your blog to BSA account. wait at least for 3 days you will get approval or denied email from BSA. Once your blog approve then you can easily create your first ad on your blog. Do not disappointed if your blog disapproved by their moderators. You will be given chance to re-apply in next six months or after a month.

Need Help

Guys this was little about how to apply for buysellads and get approval. We hope you would like this tutorial. If you want to know more about BSA registration or BSA Requirement then kindly visit BuySellAds Support page. Thanks buddies.


  1. Brother this is really awesome post. Thanks for sharing. I have been looking for perfect guide and found here. Previously when I applied for BSA it was rejected might be my blog design. Now i changed to premium so looking forward to get into attack after month.. These are good thanks.

    1. Yes, buddy if you receive bundles of traffic from UK and USA sides and also focuses on specific niche.then you will easily get approve by buysellads

    2. But it's hard to target US traffic brother. Could you have some tips for me.

  2. Thanks for such a nice article to increase revenue from blog site.

    1. Thanks Adil for appreciation, Yes this could be the nice and unique way to increase blog revenue.

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. @Hafeez Khan: Thanks for this psot.
    Brother this post is great for get quickly Approved BuySellAds and earn revenue from blog site.


  5. Hello Hafeez

    Its really Nice information

  6. you are using publicityclerks.com ads why your blog not approved in BSA. Did you not follow the rules that listed above, or not have much traffic .......

  7. Excellent Article But Not In The Postion Right Now To Apply Because I Am The New One Yet ! Once I Get The Minimum Requirements, I will surely be following these tips ...

    Thanks For Sharing :)


  8. nice information friend i love BSA i will apply on this plate form soon Inshallah thanxt you shared this blog link with me

  9. @Tharun Raj- In order to get Traffic from US, UK, Focus on keyword research. Write an article based on certain keyword which can be searched by the users of US,UK.

    1. Yup, we can but, still there are uncountable ways to get UKsides traffic to the blog. anyway thanks for your valuable info to help my reader....thanks.

    2. What about adsense? Should adsense be removed until approval...?

  10. my website holds all the qualities that you mentioned above but still my blog is not accepted by BSA... Can you please be more specific about the approval tricks????

  11. I am trying to get BSA for my site www.mobiletrickz.com. Lets see what happens!
    Anyways thanks alot for sharing this useful article :)

  12. Great post I tried to apply for buysellads for this blog www.nicebloggingtips.com which shares blogging tips but they told me to wait for 6 months and then they will approve my blog to be included in their market place

  13. It is a great post no doubt. but i have question that is their any time limitation like adsense approval. My second doubt is buysell approved blogspot sub-domain.


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