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How To Hide IP address in Android Devices ?

how to hide ip address on your andriod devices
This article will give excellent trick to hide internet protocol address on your android device.Your IP address is what identifies you and your use of the Internet from a certain device. The IP address itself is by no means fool proof, as it can be changed, masked and diverted. In fact, it is possible to access a device in America, and make it appear as if you are accessing the Internet from Moscow. However, some people prefer to hide their IP address because they want to make it harder for hackers, or because they want to do something online that they want to keep private. One of our user requested how to hide IP address on Android devices. So in today article i will show you how to hide Internet Protocol ( IP ) address on android devices.

Is there a charge for hiding your IP address on Android device?

At the moment there is no free way of hiding your IP address. Some companies may offer such a service, but at the most they are either lying to you, or crudely masking your IP address. At the moment, unless you are a very good hacker, there is no way to hide your IP address on your Android for free.

Are there any innocent reasons for hiding your IP address on your Android?

The most innocent reason to hide your IP address is because it is part of the process of appearing as if you are in a different country. This can be done for innocent reasons; for example, if you are in China then what you may access on the Internet is highly regulated and controlled by the government. 

If you wanted the sneaky peek at real news that is not pro-government propaganda, then you have to surf with protocols that say you are in a different country, and you are going to have to hide your IP address for that. Or, you may be in America and are not allowed to access an online casino (it's illegal), but you can make it appear as if you are in Britain and play on one of their online casinos.

An Android VPN

They do exist--after all, your Android mobile device is able to connect to the Internet, so it is not much of a stretch for it to have its own virtual private network. Just like with an Internet ready computer, if you have VPN then your IP address is hidden because you surfing from a server, which means you have the IP address of that server or that network, which may change every time you log on, so it is harder to trace where the original surfing is actually taking place.

With VPN you are also protected from people knowing what you are surfing because you are using a protected network. There are a few apps that will hide your IP address from other people by directing you through a VPN. One of them is, although it is a hated company because it allows the users of spam websites to keep operating (because nobody can find the owners). But, you can use the program to hide your IP address.

Hiding Your Ass

Using an app such as the one from HideMyAss does the same thing for your Android device than a proxy does on a PC or a Mac computer. It is able to take all of your surfing information that your Android browser runs through and casts it into the World Wide Web, a little like throwing a glass of tap water into the sea. And, if this is not enough, it also hides the various identifiers behind randomly generated IP addresses, which means that you can stay even more anonymous.

Installing an app to hide my IP address

Before you do anything like this, it is important to do research on the company that issued it. A company that offers to do something such as hide your surfing activities may simply be covering for the fact that they want to spy on you, based on the assumption that you are using private surfing for financial matters. That is why you need to make sure you know with whom you are dealing.

Read all of the installation instructions as you go along because you do not want to miss installing something correctly or not set a correct setting. Otherwise, your efforts to hide your iPhone address may not be successful. You are probably going to have to download a file and a key, as this is the way that most of these apps work. Later on you will need to enter that key in order to continue.

Be sure you understand how it works

Do not assume that your surfing is now secure. There is a chance that they are going to have their own dedicated browser for secret surfing. So, do not start using your regular Internet and/or browser and think that you are hiding your IP address because you may not be. Make sure you know how to use it, and follow its instructions for private browsing.

Need Help

This was little tutorial about how to hide ip address on your andriod apps. We hope this tutorial would help you a lot. If anyone need further assist then kindly do let us know in the below comment section. reply will get back within 24 hours. Thanks and happy blessing day.

Guest Post by Kate Funk

Kate Funk is a freelance writer at GetaAyContent  She is mainly focusing on technology, gadgets and all the latest trends which are interesting for networking enthusiasts.


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