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How To Add Facebook Like Box without Border in Blogger ?

Add Facebook Like Box without Border in Blogger
Adding Facebook Box without border in blogger bring beauty and make the blog more designable. If you remember previously we have shared a detailed tutorial about how to add Stylish facebook like box without border in your blogger blog. That tutorial was limited and work perfectly but with passage of time you might noticed that there are a lot of changes occurred in Mozilla and Chrome and their updated versions do not work support our first tutorial coding. Since from the couple of days we have received bundles of comments on that tutorial from every single user, say only one thing. The Code does not work perfectly and showing Facebook like box borders. So to overcome this problem today we have yet another tutorial which will guide you, how to add facebook like box without borders in blogger or remove border from facebook like box.

Why Need To have Without Border Facebook Like Box ?

Most of bloggers and webmasters keep their blog sidebar attractive, clean and smooth. They customize every single gadget to remove the borders layout but in the last it becomes difficult for them to remove borders from facebook gadget.
We have seen a lot bloggers and webmasters on different social media networks and forums, they try to solve this issue but most of them failed to developed the proper codding for this issue. Yestarday i have customized the facebook gadget and remove all the borders layout which work perfectly on every browsers perfectly. Lets check the coding down.

Facebook Like Box Without Border Layout

To show your facebook box gadget with out border in your blogger blog. We have to follow some of the below given steps. We have already compiled the facebook gadget coding and you will only need to replace the old coding with new one. So next do the following customization.

  • Go To Blogger Dashboard:
  • Go To Layout >> Add Html Javascript Gadget:
  • Copy the below code and past into it:




alse&amp;appId=216583408397853" scrolling="no" frameborder="0"

style="border:none; overflow:hidden; width:292px; height:258px;"



  • Replace The Yellow Color name with your our facebook page name.
  • Increase The width and height values if you want to increase the width or height of gadget layout.
  • Save the gadget and you done almost:

Need Help In Customization

I hope all blogspot users would must like this little tutorial. This tutorial published here because our previous tutorial coding does not work anymore thats why we have released a new fresh tutorial about how to add facebook box with borders in blogger. If anyone face problem in implementation then do not hesitate you can leave your reply in the below comment area. reply will soon back.


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