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5 Top Highest Adsense Earners In the World

Top Highest Adsense Earners
Today we a have list of the top five highest Google adsense earner of the world in 2013. We all know that Google adsense is the most popular advertisement program leads by Google Inc. In modern era there are out of billions of blogging users approved their blog by Google adsense. Most of them earn handsome money within a day, while some of them earning within an hours depends upon the their blog traffic statistics. So basically Google adsense is an advertisement program which place ads on approval blog and show the advertiser banners. In this way anyone can earn upto billions of dollars from his/her blogging room. So one of our reader have asked the question, who is the most popular Google adsense earner in the world. To be the best reply i was thinking why not share a complete detailed tutorial on these top 5 adsense earner of the world. So in this article we will show you, 5 Top adsense earner in the world of 2013.

Highest Adsense Earners In the World

From the couple of days i was researching about the bloggers who earn more than BSA from Adsense. I was amazed too see all these guys which are extremely highest adsense entrepreneur in the world. To give you short summary how they can earn more than billions of dollars from adsense per month. let come, They started their blogging career back seven or eight years when blogging considered to be the most hardest online job.

This was not an easiest job as we see in the modern era that could handle by a teenage blogger. So all things comes with Time. you must have heard. "Time is a Great Physician". So the quote gives description time is the most loyalest factorisable that leads us to the success or failure, depending upon how someone show his ability on time. So this conclude always do hard work be passion and love your job.This was the real example of all these guys listed below.

Pete CashMore

Earning: $6,50,000 per month
Pete cashmore is the top wold wide adsense earner who is the owner of Pete cashmore is earning more than $650k per month all alone from adsense. Mashable was found near in 2005 by cashmore when he was 19 year old. Now mashable is one of the best blogging niches website sharing  technology news, development, social media and all related niches. Mashable is one of the fastest google publisher blog update on daily basis by a team of professional bloggers.

top adsense earner in the world
Top Adsense Earner

Shawn Hogan

Earning: $5,50,000 per month
Website: Digital Point
Shawn hogan is another top premium google publisher who is the author of "Digital Point" forum website. He is running number of forums network from his blogging room. He has a huge network of forums for blogging niches where most of bloggers landed and share their brights ideas. Digital Point receive billions of visitors on daily basis and generating more than $5,50,000 per month.

top adsense earners in the world

Markus Frind

Earning: $3,50,000 per month
Markus Frind is the owner of The most leading and powerful website receiveing more than 3 billions users each day. Markus Frind is also considered the CEO of POF. He has a network of official bloggers and webmaster generating new fresh and unique contents with daily updates. Believe or not he is one of the youngest adsense earner through out the globe.

top adsense earner

Michael Arrington

Earning: $2,50,000 per month
Website: TechCrunch
Who is michael arrington? All the interenat savvy will easily recognize who is this man. Michael Arrington is the owner of TechCrunch. Techcruch is a great technology niches website running by a large community of professional bloggers. Michael Arrington is earning handsome money from adsense. Unfortunelty he is not yet the owner of techcrunch becuase of sold techcrunch to AOL. But i have mentioned here because he is one of the biggest and top adsense earner in the world.

highest adsense earner in the world

Nick Halstead

Earning: $2,50,000 per month
Website: TweetMeme
Nick Halstead is yet another one of the inspirational and biggest adsese earner in the world. Nick is the CEO and founder of the most leading and popular social media of popular links on twitter. He earn more than $250K to $300k all alone from adsense each month. Nick Halstead is enjoying his life with his baby blog. He is our last adsense earner.

highest adsense earner

We are confident you must have taken interest in the post. We have shared a complete list of all the top 5 highest adsense earner in the world who make more than billions of dollar each month. I hope you would take more interest in online business after seeing the above top adsense millionaires. We are sorry in case we have missed any top adsense earner. Buddies i would recommended to share your Thoughts if you know all about better and top highest google adsense earner. Thanks and happy blogging day.


  1. They are really nice personalities and doing great job.
    Highest Adsense earner is indeed thing for every blogger and this article will show lot of things.
    in my words Work hard , Efforts will possibly get success in future like these personalities.
    Thanks for such a nice sharing hafeez bro.

    1. Many many thanks Rizwan for giving me such a nice words...yes these are the top pro peronalities which earns thousands of dollars from adsense. Thanks buddy.

  2. Awseom they earn too much :O.glad to see these great bloggers in your blog.They are really inspire me alot.Thanks for sharing with us.

    1. Yes these are all the top adsense earners of the worlds earn more than BSA from adsense alone. thanks

  3. i never expected digital point to be on the list but i now believe....nice post

    1. Yes buddy digital point is among the top adsense earner blog which earns more than direct advertisement programs.

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    1. Hope you would earn more than that solely depends on your hard work.

  5. Nice personalities and Great to know about them.

    Must watch:

    1. Please buddy i really respect your comments and you to land with us. but it would be more better to leave your comment without inserting the blog url in comments body. thanks

  6. Replies
    1. yes they earn more too much...ha ha ha

  7. Dear Hafeez Bro. Nice Collection. But I wonder What have you not enabled Adsense Ads in yur Blog. Is there any particular reason.?

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  14. Very nice post for earning. Many peoples will inspire from this

  15. These guys are real geniueses, but normal people it would be almost impossible to do it, just look at their faces typical nerds wiht a high IQ

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