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5 Note Taking Apps for iPhone and iPad

Note taking apps are popular because they are easy to use and convenient. It is easier to place a note on a mobile device than it is to carry files full of paper around with you all day. If the sheer convenience alone is not enough, there are some on this list that have other features, such as allowing you to save your photographs and videos too. Here are five note taking apps you can use on your iPhone and your iPad. Few days back we have received number of emails from our readers, they have asked what are the top 5 note taking application for Ipad and IPhone device. So in today article we will show you, the 5 most popular Note talking Apps for Your Iphone and Ipad.

1 - Evernote

This is one of the most popular note taking apps, and is available for a number of operating systems, including the iPhone and iPad. You may install it for free on your mobile device, it has a well-designed interface and has numerous note taking functions. It is able to take written notes, audio notes, and file away videos and images.

It is so popular because it is so good at cataloging and indexing notes so that they are easy to store, find and delete. You can arrange your notes by tags or you can do it by notebooks. You may set it up so that you have sections with important notes and other sections for less important notes such as shopping lists.

2 - Simplenote

This app is good because it is free and because it has a nice search function. It is a note-taking app that specializes mainly in taking text notes, so it is nothing special in that department. But, it has a nice search function that allows you to list your notes in a way that makes them easily accessible and easy to find. 

The app is easy to use because it has a pretty simple design, and the app helps you create notes that may be synchronized with other devices. You may even set up automatic updating and synchronization, so that your note will be the same no matter which device you use.

3 - Note Anytime

This is an app where they have tried to add in as many features as they can. It is the mirror opposite of Simplenote, as it tries to give you more options and not less. This means that you can play with functions such as ones that allow you to draw on your device. You can even sketch out your notes so that you may use them later. 

The app is free to download and install. The browser is interactive, which makes using it a little easier, and it has a whiteboard where you can make notes and then remove them without needing to store them. You can just store the bits that you actually want to use or need to save.

4 - AudioNote

This is a note-taking app that also allows you to take audio and visual notes, a little like how Evernote app does. You may record audio with your mobile device and then save what you recorded with the app, putting it under certain categories, etc. 

There is a very nice voice recorder so that you can take memos. The notepad function is fairly straight forward, allowing you to save your notes as if they were text message. You may also save your photos and drawings too. You may add highlights to written notes and then save the highlights too. 

Some people question the point of saving images and notes at the same time, as Apple products with a camera will also have files to store the images in. but apps such as this and Evernote give you the option so that you may better illuminate what your note is about. You can write notes and then better explain what they mean with images.

5 - Write 2

This is an easy to use app that is similar to Simplenote in that it does not overcomplicate the matter of taking notes. It does not have lots of features, as it focuses on letting you take notes and being good at it. It does have a nice function of allowing you to save your notes to the Dropbox cloud very easily. 

It is just as easy to save your notes to the cloud, as it is to save them to your mobile device. This is very handy if you want to access your notes via other mobile devices and desktop computers. This app is lauded because of how easy it makes saving to the cloud, as some people find that shifting notes from their mobile device to the cloud is a routinely boring thing to do.
Guest Post by Kate Funk

This post is written by Kate Funk. She is a professional blogger and writer at speaken. She specializes in topics of interest to techno geeks and networking enthusiasts.


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