Monday, 30 September 2013

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Top 45+ Most Useful Time Saving WordPress Shortcuts Keys

WordPress Shortcuts Keys
If you are the WordPress user then you might be know that WordPress has its own builten complete keyboard shortcuts. Most of WordPress users spend bundles of hours inside the post editor, dashboard and interface, they handle each of task by using the PC mouse touch-pad or trackball which is totally time consuming. Now WordPress has introduced awesome opportunity they included complete keyboard inside their dashboard gadgetry to make the work more easier and help to save the precious time. All WordPress bloggers should must try to practice on all the provided WordPress shortcuts keys to process their work fast and speedy. So one of our WordPress user have asked, how to use special WordPress shortcut keys for different tasks. So in today article we will show you, The more usable and popular time saving Top wordpress Shortcuts keys

Thursday, 19 September 2013

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5 Note Taking Apps for iPhone and iPad

Note taking apps are popular because they are easy to use and convenient. It is easier to place a note on a mobile device than it is to carry files full of paper around with you all day. If the sheer convenience alone is not enough, there are some on this list that have other features, such as allowing you to save your photographs and videos too. Here are five note taking apps you can use on your iPhone and your iPad. Few days back we have received number of emails from our readers, they have asked what are the top 5 note taking application for Ipad and IPhone device. So in today article we will show you, the 5 most popular Note talking Apps for Your Iphone and Ipad.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

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How to Add Professional Notification Bar in Blogger Blog ?

Professional Notification Bar for Blogger
Today we are releasing a new fancy style black notification bar for your blogger blog. This notification bar will show your desire post which you want to show up at the top of the blog. However most of bloggers display the hot deals or popular post with the help of this blogger notification. The most big advantage of having notification message at the top of the blog will exist remain even if we grab the mouse down or scrolling up and down. This top righted bar will interact with every page or post. So if you have not yet added a notification bar into blogger then we would recommended to add this simple black color notification bar in your blogger blog. Most of the time i have seen bundles of comments posted by newbies in blogging forum, how could we add a notification message alert bar in blogspot blog. So in today article we will show you, How to add a professional like notification bar in blogger blog. ?

Saturday, 14 September 2013

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How to Add Skype Contact Widget In Blogger

Add Skype Contact widget in blogger blog
All the internet savvy know that Skype is one of the fastest and quick conversion tool ever on the internet. More than ninety five percent people use Skype to communicate with the clients, friends, Relatives and also uses for business purposes. In modern era a lot of educational people take interview by using Skype chat tool, because it has the high priority and quality sound frequency, no scratching the sound data and easily to connect and access throughout globe. So most of the bloggers like you and me also using Skype for quick conversion instead of Facebook and yahoo chat tool. One of our reader have asked the question how could we display a Skype contact widget into blogger blog. So in today article we will show you, How to Add Skype contact widget in Blogger Blog.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

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Fresh Mashable Like Blogger Templates

Mashable Like Blogger Templates
Today we are going to release the splendid mashable like blogger templates. Before going to read this post check our latest Free Premium Blogger Templates. First let me tell something about mashable, since you and all the internet savvy might have seen or visited hindered of times Let me explain what mashable blog is all about ? Mashable is a top American blog updates on daily basis. This blog covers random niches it focuses on social medias, technology, Android applications, business and Tech news. Mashable is one of the leading website it Alexa rank is 284K and billions of page views per month. In one of our latest post we have also discussed mashable, which was listed in The Top 5 Adsense Earners. Since from long time many of our readers have asked the question, How can we get mashable like blogger template for free. So in today article we will show you, The Top 3 fresh Mashable like premium blogger templates adopted from WordPress blog.  

Mashable Blogger Templates

Are you interested to download mashable similar blog in the face of blogspot theme if yes then you have come on the right place. Before going to download these templates you must be remember some key points. Always remain the credit link which goes to the original template owner. Such templates are developed by Pro Bloggers and webmaster, so make sure you must give credit to theirs blog or authority. There are no more hard rules to download the template, You can easily download these mashable like blogspot templates from PBT in free of cost. To download check the below list pick up the suitable template for your blog.

New Mashable free blogger Template

New Mashable is clean smooth and high professionalism blogger template developed by btemplates. This is free and SEO optimized blogspot template adopted from wordpress to blogspot theme with great effort. A fastest loading and classic design template for blogspot user. To download this theme click the below link.

Mashable Like Blogger Templates

Mashable Classic Template

Mashable classic is yet another more similar blogger template which is totally converted from WordPress theme to blogger template. We have personally checked this template in one of previous blog. SEO friendly Clean premium blogger template. If you have blog about technology niches then this template would be the best choice.

Mashable Like Blogger Templates

Mashable Blogger Template

This one is the splendid and Similar look like Mashable template. A slick top navbar menu and professional wordpress like subscription box. It also holded a nice collection of social bookmarking websites buttons at the top of each post where you can easily publish your posts on different social sharing websites. A perfect designable and fastest loading template adopted form WP theme.

Mashable Like Blogger Templates

We hope you would like these templates for your blogger blog. If anyone face any problem in downloading or in implementation then you can free feel to ask in the blow comment sections. Previously we have shared a lot of tutorial on premium blogger templates if you wish to know out templates gadget inventory then click on blogger templates.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

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5 Top Highest Adsense Earners In the World

Top Highest Adsense Earners
Today we a have list of the top five highest Google adsense earner of the world in 2013. We all know that Google adsense is the most popular advertisement program leads by Google Inc. In modern era there are out of billions of blogging users approved their blog by Google adsense. Most of them earn handsome money within a day, while some of them earning within an hours depends upon the their blog traffic statistics. So basically Google adsense is an advertisement program which place ads on approval blog and show the advertiser banners. In this way anyone can earn upto billions of dollars from his/her blogging room. So one of our reader have asked the question, who is the most popular Google adsense earner in the world. To be the best reply i was thinking why not share a complete detailed tutorial on these top 5 adsense earner of the world. So in this article we will show you, 5 Top adsense earner in the world of 2013.

Monday, 2 September 2013

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How to Show Specific Number of Posts per Label in Blogger

Display Number of Post per Label in blogger
This post will be all about how can we customize blogger label to show minimum or maximum posts per label. Sometime you might be get in trouble whenever need to show number of selected posts by single label in blogger blog. There are a lot of factors effected when we want to display more posts per label. In this way our blog could be easily compel on loading time in result we will lose massive traffic from search engine. So be default all custom and blogger templates are showing all the posts which accommodated by a single label that we have assigned to it. So in short i would say whenever we click on a label in blogger template it show mostly up-to 20 posts or in somewhere you will see less than twenty posts. So to reduce the number of posts on per label inside the blogger template we will use a piece of chunk code which will display specific number of posts which we assign to it. So in today article, we will show you how to display specific number of posts per label in blogger blog.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

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Top 5 Best and Most Popular Android Applications

top best most popular android applications
Today we are going to announce the top 5 best and most popular android apps of 2013. You might have seen a lot of android applications on different social media networks sites. There are uncountable android apps advertise on Facebook and twitter each every single day. With the invention of JAVA and .Net technology android has become the third one most popular platform for developing different kinds of software and applications. So many java and .net programmers moved into the android world because of having dozens of additional features more than java and .net technology. Since 2013 programming graph has included the android to the top position which gain more popularity in very short duration of period. Now in modern era android considered one of the top Linux operating system. So in today article, we will show you five top best android applications.

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