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How To Add Adsense Code After Read More Tag in Blogger

Add adsense below read more tag in blogger
Newbies have most frequently questions these are: how to add Google adsense in blogger below read more or read continue tag. how to add and show adsense code after <!--More--> tag in blogger blog. This one of the best and ethical way to increase your adsense earning while installing the adsense code after read more we have chances more to increase the CTR impressions. So in the case we have to install some piece of chunk j-query code to tell the browser to add a mini div section for adsense code before readmore tag. This script will show adsense banner automatically after read more when opening the page. So to learn how to make all this customization, in today article we will show you, how to put and show google adsense code in blogger below read more tag.

Why to Show Adsense below Read More in Blogger ?

As we have already discussed in the above para, if someone want to boost the adsense earning most of the time we show the adsense code inside the post, which will dramatically increase adsense earning. This can be easily done in WordPress blog, because WP has dozen of plugins to show the adsense or any advertising banner easily and anywhere in the blog. But when it comes in blogger then it becomes very very difficult to do the same job. Blogspot has less plugins as compared to WP so in order to make the blogspot blog as Wp then we have some third party plugins or doing some serious customization.

Learn How to Add Adsense after Read More in Blogger ?

So to show your adsense ads after readmore tag in blogger we have to add install jquery code in blogger to make the work capable as working in wordpress. So to learn how to add this script in blogger blog just follow the below given simple steps to make your blog capable of showing ads after read more tag.

Attention: This article is solely prepared by Mohammad Mustafa if someone want to share this post  then do not forget to link back to MBT blog.

  1. Go to Blogger Dashboard:
  2. Go to template >> Edit Html:
  3. Search for <head> tag:
  4. Just below the head tag paste the below JQuery code only if you are not yet using the JQuery script code in your blogger blog.
<script src='' type='text/javascript'/>  

     5.  Now also past the following code below <head> tag.
<script type='text/javascript'>




Remember:if you wish to show your adsense ads at two places i.e. below read more tag and show also at the end of your post then you have to delete the highlighted yellow code. Listen also delete the yellow highlighted code from the Step#7 below code.

6. Now search for the following codes inside the template.

7. Past the below given code just below the above code:

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType == &quot;item&quot;'>
<div style="display:none;">
<div id='MBT-google-ad'>
</div>  </b:if>

Customization: Do not forget to replace the bolded text in the above code with your adsense code. Remember your code must be encoded in order to work in blogger template. After pasting your adsense code save your template and you done almost:

Need Help in Customization

We hope all of you find this tutorial helpful for your adsense earning. if you wish to get more information or if someone facing problem in implementation then do not hesitate to post your query in comment section. Reply will get back to you in 24 hours. If you know better way how to show ads below read more in blogspot blog then kindly share your thoughts with us. Thanks and happy blogging.


  1. Hey Bro,

    You are right that WP have awesome plugins to add adsense inside the posts. But in blogger we are lack with this facility.

    You have provided the a great helpful tutorials for such bloggers who wanna show their ads after read more tag.


    1. Nice to see you again...Yes buddy I love WP because of hundred of plugins for SEO, Advertisement and many mores. So in blogger we can easily add adsense below read more tag by the above method. Thanks and hope to see you soon.

  2. Nise dear Thanks For Share :)

    1. Thanks for appreciation by this mini trick you can show the adsnese ads below the read more tag in blogspot blog.

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    1. Hello buddy, thanks for praising our work its all about your support we will bring more tutorial in future just keep update with our blog. wanna see you soon.

  4. Hello Hafeez Bro
    You Shared AweSome Post we are unaware this thank you for Apprised us
    Best of luck bro

    1. Good to see you my dear. Yes this tutorial was published by MBT long time ago, so i was thinking why not to share this great news with my readers. thanks.

  5. how much money will i get if i put adv. on my site it daily gets nearly 300 views

    1. Buddy it depend upon your blog traffic, i would say if you are getting more than 1000 unique visitors then you can easily make more than hundred dollars per month.

  6. This was a great tip, thanks for sharing!

  7. and which is the best site who gives adv. and is there any harm in putting adv. on site

    1. yes do not put two ads at once place thats is....

  8. WordPress is best because of so many plugins are there. But WP is not 100% secure. Blogger has some limitations but we can fight with them with our coding knowledge.

    Great sharing brother.

    1. Yes Gagan Brother WP is popular due to so many plugins and server controler, but it is not 100% secure as compared to blogger. we have seen many WP sites they are hacked by Hackers. thanks.

  9. Thanks for the tutorial. i bookmark your post for future access

  10. Hello, im have problem...
    Create and go to my blog post and the no found, need pres Ctl + F5 to see the adsense...
    need help please

    My blog is

  11. regards

    As you can see in my blog posting tengon adsense ad, right after the title.

    When I put the ad like this explanation I have problems, the ad before reading more completely blank, only the space and do not see the ad.

    I have to refresh the page or do Ctrl + F5 to display the second adsense, is very good and the way the ad is to help my income by at least 50% but I need it to work, I need someone's help to know how to fix the problem.

    When I put only the ad before reading more and elimindo under the title, it works well ... (the need two ...)


    Please check this post:

  12. Thanks Bro! you make my day :)

  13. It will be good if you give a code that won't include " jquery.min.js " javascript because including external javascript can reduce to page speed , hope you come up with code that won't include external JS

    Waiting ....


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