Friday, 30 August 2013

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Latest Free White Blogger Templates

white color blogger templates
Today we have yet another white blogger templates collection. In one of our earlier posts we have shared a complete tutorial on simple white color blogger template of the year 2013 which was well appreciated by newbies bloggers. Sometime we observe that there out of thousands bloggers searching for white clean template for their blog and website. These templates are well suited for poetry blog, magazine topics, news blog and sms blog. These templates looks perfectly for such like activities. However it becomes very difficult for ordinary internet savvy to get the latest and unique style white templates. So from the couple of days i have been searching for best white blogger template to share with you as free of cost. These templates are collected from different various templates websites. If you have seen credit link do not remove and link back to the original developer. So in this article, we will share with you latest white color blogger templates for free.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

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How to Increase Facebook Page Likes Quickly in 2013

Increase Your Facebook Pages Likes Quickly
In this article we will show all the basic tips how to increase Facebook fan page likes instantly. Here we will discuss some major advantages of large number of facebook pages likes.  Increasing the counts of facebook page likes will attract your readers more to stay on your blog. This can also help to prove that your blog is receiving decent amount of traffics. However if we have dozens of likes on facebook page you can boost our posts and share it with billions of savvy bloggers and webmasters. So it can also help in improving our post ranking in Search engine result. One of the finest advantage of having thousand of Facebook page likes we can hit up to get the attention of thousands of bloggers and webmaster. So it is also the fastest growing way to spread over voice all over the world. So in today article, we will show you how to increase facebook fan page likes quickly.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

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Chronicle Free SEO Friendly Blogger Template

Chronicle Blogger Template
Chronicle is the latest free best SEO Friendly Responsive blogger template. This template has been adopted from WordPress which has developed by Alex at KolaKube. This theme has gain more popularity in very short duration of time. So after taking great interest by bloggers and webmaster in chronicle theme, Finally Chan Deep the author of BlogTipsandTricks has converted Chronicle from Wordpress to Blogger Platform So that blogger user can also take advantage of using this awesome theme. Now blogspot user can easily download this Wp Theme in Blogger style mode for their blogger blog in free of cost. Keep in mind, Link back to BlogTipsandTricks if you want to share Chronicle Blogger Theme with your friends. So in this article we will share with you the free best and Responsive Chronicle blogger template.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

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How To Add Adsense Code After Read More Tag in Blogger

Add adsense below read more tag in blogger
Newbies have most frequently questions these are: how to add Google adsense in blogger below read more or read continue tag. how to add and show adsense code after <!--More--> tag in blogger blog. This one of the best and ethical way to increase your adsense earning while installing the adsense code after read more we have chances more to increase the CTR impressions. So in the case we have to install some piece of chunk j-query code to tell the browser to add a mini div section for adsense code before readmore tag. This script will show adsense banner automatically after read more when opening the page. So to learn how to make all this customization, in today article we will show you, how to put and show google adsense code in blogger below read more tag.

Wednesday, 21 August 2013

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How to Disable Copying of Text on Your Blogger Posts

How to Disable Copying of Text on Blog
Content thieves are increasing day by day and and they tend to copy our original contents while publishing on their blog and websites. Sometime these copycats rank better then the original blog publisher. They are easily get high rank with out spending bundles of hours in writing posts, articles. So it is indeed unbearable for the blog owner who has spend his previous time in preparing fresh and unique contents and someone easily copy the entire post and publish any where on the web. To make these work more sophisticated for copycats who do not try to copy our post easily, we should must add a JavaScript codes which will totally disable of copying texts from blog.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

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Top 5 Awesome Most Popular Social Bookmarking Websites

Top 5 Most Popular Social Bookmarking Websites
Today we are gifting you all the best five high pr social bookmarking websites of 2013. In daily life every blogger and webmaster try to promote their brands, posts and article with billions of internet users. This is not only possible to drive all the traffic from search engine. They also share the same post along with some most popular and social bookmarking websites to rank better and also share the post by social media's websites. So the biggest advantage of using such sharing websites will help in connecting with millions of internet savvy. So to do the job we have to share the post on some of the most awesome social bookmarking websites. So in this article we will show you, all the top 5 most popular social bookmarking websites of 2013 for bloggers and webmasters to share their posts. 

Monday, 19 August 2013

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Top 10 Best Online Backlinks Checker Tools

Top 10 best free Backlinks Checker Tools
Our today articles will be all about the Top 10 free most popular online backlinks checker tools of the year 2013. It is true that backlinks are the soul of blogs and websites. These links play a vital role in SEO. These are incoming links from other websites and directories flowing pr juice to our sites if they are interlinked with do follow tags. Since we see that every bloggers and seo analyst try to create more and more backlinks for theirs blogs to rank better in search engine results. These links will not only grab our posts on the top positions but it would also help in increasing the blog visibility in SERP. One of the biggest advantage of building quality backlinks are, the more we have quality backlinks the more we will get fast Google Page Rank position. So in today article, we will show the Top 10 best free online backlinks checker tools.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

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Top 5 Best High Quality Premium Blogger Templates

Top 5 Best Quality Premium Blogger TemplatesIt becomes very difficult for Designer to find the Top premium blogger templates. We see that there are out of thousand of templates releasing day by day. The number of blogspot templates increasing day by day but unfortunately still we are unable to find best and high quality blogger templates. If you are a regular reader of PBT then you might have noticed that in previous days we have shared a detailed list on Premium Blogger Template free download which was well appreciated. After sharing this tutorial we have received bundles of comments from our loyal reader to share a complete list of top 5 high quality blogger templates. So i was thinking why not share a complete guide on best and free blogspot template for your blogger blog. So in today article, we will share with you Top 5 best high quality premium blogger templates of 2013.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

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Top 5 Css Learning Websites of 2013

In This post we are gifting you all the Top 5 Online Css learning websites of the year 2013. Newbies are always in trouble whenever they are trying to learn css and html language. Most of newbies bloggers using desktop application for designing like adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver and firebug etc. However it would be very very difficult to work with desktop application because these applications have messy interface new comer will not understand it easily. While if you use the same alternative online website then the same work will become more easy to handle. So we would always recommend to use online Css learner tools instead of any desktop applications do not wast your time by using such tools. Since from the couple of days several of readers requested please share with us the best and free online css leaning websites. So in today article we will show the best splendid five Top Css learning websites.

Monday, 12 August 2013

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Top 3 SEO Online Checker Tools of 2013

Top 3 SEO checker Tools of 2013
Today we are going to announce the Top 3 Best SEO tools of the year 2013. Sometime you might be get interested to check your blog health by using online SEO tools. Almost all the pro bloggers most of them take advantage of using these tools to check theirs blog statistic data. If you are the regular reader of our blogging home then you might have seen that previously we have shared several random tutorials on Online Tools regarding to SEO Tools, Websites Worth and value Tools, Copying text from Images Tools and Google alert tools. Today we will study some of the best Splendid SEO Online Tools which are personally used by PBT Editorial team. So if you are really interested to check your blog engine then you are on the right place. In Today article we will show The Top three SEO checker Tools. Check one by one and do analyze your blog and remove all the bugs.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

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Top Three Premium SEO Blogger Templates of 2013

Top Three Premim Blogger Templates of 2013
Today we are releasing the Top 3 premium blogger Templates. In earlier days we shared a complete list of of top 10 premium blogger templates which was well appreciated by blogspot users. Today we have yet another interesting collection of three blogspot templates. These templates can be used for both commercial and educations blogs. It will be suited for all types of niches blogs. Lets see devil workshope  theme used for all types of niches blogs. Monop is another Blogspot Template suited for business, commercial and education blogs. So we have collected all these three blogspot templates from different websites that we ware searching from the couple of days. So in today article we will share with you all the Top three Best Premium SEO Blogger templates of 2013.

Monday, 5 August 2013

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How To Create Transparent Background Image Online Using Ipiccy

Transparent Background Image online
Creating transparency background image is now become one of the easiest job to do online. There are out of thousands way to make transparent picture background using desktop applications either using online tools. Web designer often use application software to create such transparent pictures by different techniques, most of them usually take advantage of Adobe Photoshop to convert image background into transparency mode. while in my case i have always been using online tools since from the couple of years. Recently we have seen a lot complaints in blogging forums, newbies have asked the same issue is there any shortcut way to make transparent background image online. Absolutely yes in today article we will show you how to create transparent background image online in 2013 by using ipiccy online website.

Sunday, 4 August 2013

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5 Top Magazine Style Premium Blogger Templates

Magazine Premium Blogger Template
Today we will presenting you a best collection of magazine premium blogger templates. Most of you already know that recently we have shared Premium Blogger Free Download series which was well appreciated by many bloggers and webmasters. Today we have yet one another best and stylish brand collection of all magazine types blogspot templates which we have collect from different websites. These are the best and free templates coded by pro bloggers most of them have been converted from wordpress to blogger. So if you are really interested to show your blog face with magazine style template then you are here on the right place.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

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How to add Alexa Review Widget in Blogger ?

Alexa review Widget in Blogger
Alexa review widget is the next gadget after introducing Alexa Statistic widget. Although this widget will not be able to show your blog Alexa statistic but would help in improving your Alexa rank. how ?. lets come to know,  When someone put this gadget in theirs blog and website and reviewed by readers and share theirs interest about your blog on Alexa. Now Alexa robots will find all those blogs which have positive stars likes, and would give more value to those websites. So if you have ever notice almost there are thousand of blogs which theirs Alexa touch the height of success, most of these blogs have must reviewed starts on theirs Alexa statistics, So in today post we will show you how to add Alexa review gadget in blogger blog.

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