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Beautiful Islamic Ramadan Widget For Blogger

animated ramadan widget for blogger
We often design and decorate our blog when there is  glorious occasion movements, such as Eid al-fitr, Eid ul Adha, Ramadan Mubarak and happy new year. These are all special movements when every blogger and webmasters wish to decorate and design theirs blogs by adding splendid and stylish blogger widgets and plugins in their blogs and make it designable and attractive in the eyes of visitors. However we all know that these days Ramdan Mubarak 2013 is going on head and PBT would like to share animated Ramadan Mubarak widget for your blogger blog to make its design look religion in this blessing Holy month of Ramadan. Recently we have received dozens of emails from our loyal readers to share lovely Islamic animated widget for our blogger template. So, in This article we will share with you Stylish Islamic Ramadan widget for your blogger blog.

How Does It Look & Work in Blogger Blog

Most of bloggers leave theirs comments and want to know hows does it work and view in blogger blog. If you wish to look into this in perfect view then you have come in the right place. So i am going to provide its design layout In the blow screenshots in which you can clearly see its perfect illustrative view.

Ramadan Islamic blogger Widget

Working: This widget will show on right side of your blog header area. You can see the lantern in the widget, this lantern will rotate in 180 degree on both sides. A white glowing color ramadan text will appear in Arabic style with every page refresh. This widget is also applicable for Wordpress blog.

Attention: This widget is previously published by Syed Faizan Ali the owner of, if someone want to share then kindly link back to MBL.

How to Add Lantern Animated Ramadan widget in Blogger?

There is a simple way to add this widget in your template. You could easily follow the bellow given easy steps carefully and then implement this widget on your blog.

  • Go to Blogger Dashboard:
  • Go to Template >> Blogger Html/Editor:
  • Now search for </body> tag: (this tag placed somewhere in the last line of blogger templates)
  • Now past the below given code above the </body> tag:

<!--  Ramadan Lantern By -->
<div align="center">
<table border="0" width="900" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="0">

<td width="900" height="0">
<div style="float:top right; position:absolute; overflow:visible; left:45px; top:0px; height:192px; width:144px z-index: 9999; margin: 0px 0px">

<object classid="clsid:D27CDB6E-AE6D-11CF-96B8-444553540000" id="obj2" codebase=",0,40,0" border="0" width="192" height="144"><param name="movie" value=""/><param name="quality" value="High"/><param name="wmode" value="transparent"/><embed src="" pluginspage="" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" name="obj2" width="192" height="144" quality="High" wmode="transparent"></embed></object>
  1. Now click on save button and you done almost:

Possible Customization inside the Code

Following are the possible customization when you found some of the below issues.
  • You must have installed adobe flash player to run this widget:
  • By default this widget will show on Top header left side of your blog. if you want to change it position to left side then increase the value of  0px to some extend such as 500px or according to your blog width.
  •  If you wish to increase the size of widget then increase these values width="192" height="144":
  • Finally save your template and you done:

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Need Help

Lovely words to my friends hi pals this tutorial was little about the animated Ramadan Mubarak widget which could easily turn blog into religious view style. if you are facing any problem then kindly let us know in comment section. We hope that you would love this excellent widget for your blogger blog. It would be pleasure to test this widget on your blog in this holy month of Ramadan. Buddies also do not forget to share this widget with your friends. Thanks & happy blogging.


  1. brother beautifully made. That's amazing and thank for sharing.

    1. Yes bro Ramadan widget for blogspot blog are now common in these days every one want to try this on his/her blog

  2. MashAllah bro nice sharing thanks for this

    1. Thanks, We would bring more ramadan widget for blogger users just keep in touch with us.

  3. Another awesome stuff here... Thanks bro Hafeez for sharing.

    1. Thanks Victor bro this is such a splendid blogger widget for all blogspot users. we should must try to this.

  4. Really Amazing Sharing Widget This in Month.Masha Allah ..God Bless You

    1. Many many Thanks brother thanks for appreciation..

  5. Great Post :)
    Can we customized and make it white label for our Blog?


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