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How to Add Animated Jquery Fireworks Effect in Blogger

Animated Jqurey Fireworks Effect Widget for blogger
Hi buddies today we will gift you some of the amazing best created fireworks effects widget for your blogger blog. This widgets is mostly used world widely and distributed when there is coming happy new year or celebrating day. In the same day every blogger and webmaster trying to decorate theirs blog and website by adding different types of fireworks in blog. Different bloggers created different colors of animated fires effects for theirs blogging home. So i was thinking why not share a beautiful fireworks gadget which producing sparking in the eyes of visitors. It will attract visitors and they would stay for a long time to joy the flying sparking. This gadget will dressed your blog or website awesomely. before this we have shared bundle of Blogger Widgets and Plugins for blogger users. So in this article we will show you how to add animated jquery fireworks widget in blogger blog.

Animated fireworks Widget will Look Like

This is a very simple widget nothing to worry about it. Its totally created in jquery language by adding some effecting functionality inside the coding. You might have seen alot of different firecrackers of different unique styles at happy new years day. So in the same manner we have coded a beautiful animated effect firecrackers for your blog. When visitors lands on your sites It would automatically display animated and flying flashing effects on every corner of your site. Do get the best illustrative diagram we have mentioned some of the best screenshots of this widget.

Attention: This widget is solely Developed by Syed Faizan ali The Owner of  MyBloggerLab be respected to copyrights.

animated fireworks effect widget for blogger

animated fireworks jquery effect for blogger

How To Add Jquery Fireworks Effect Widget in Blogger?

There is a very simple method to add this gadget in blogger. You just need to follow the below given steps correctly to add this widget. Lets come how to add.

  • Go To Blogger Dashboard: 
  • Go To template>>edit html:
  • Now search for  ]]></b:skin> 
  • Past the the below given code before  ]]></b:skin> 

            display: block;   
            width: 1000px;
            height: 735px;
            float: center;
            text-align: center;
            font-size: 12px;
        #pbtfireworks a {


  • Now search For </body> 
  • Past the below jquery code before </body>  

 <div id="pbtfireworks">  </div>
   <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
    <script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>
    /**Fire Works By**/ 
    Xteam.fireworkShow('#pbtfireworks', 100);               
Finally save your template and you done almost:

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Need Help

Hi Friends This was little about the the beautiful fireworks effect widget for blogger. We hope you would all like this lovely gadget for your blog. I have seen this gadget back 1 years ago. So i remember when i used to run this gadget on my ordinary blogspot website. So guys if got an error during implementation then just post your query in comment section we would customize your blog to apply this nice gadget. Thanks and hope to share your views about this gadget.


  1. Wow! Brilliant Post Bro Keep It Up And RAMADAN Mubarak Bro This Will Help Muslims Because Ramadan Is Come Up Thanks AGAIN

  2. Nice! brother.. its really good and can be used for events purpose. Thank you for this maybe I will use it on my pakzip blog!

    1. Sure bro you may use the following jquery effects fireworks on your blog. If you face any problem then let me know.

      Also do my work which you have emailed me.

  3. Replies
    1. thanks on landing at jquery effect fireworks

  4. what a fantastic effect you gave us.. thanks to PBT

    1. Thanks for saying the nice word....

      Tharun bro i have given several alerts in my previous post not to mention blog url in comment body. this is the final warning for you....if you do not follow my instruction we will banned your comments and your all comments will be removed from all the posts.

      Hope you will agree with Hafeez Brother for saying such words. Thanks buddy.

  5. nice post. and informative for newbies

  6. Wah... What a effect dude..
    After seeing this effect with JQuery, I'm also keen to learn JQuery.
    Hopefully I could learn it soon :)

    1. Thanks Ankit Bro for your appreciations this is really an amazing jquery effects fireworks for blogger blogs. We should must try to apply this on happy year or celebrating day. thanks buddy.

  7. Nice Post Bro . It seems that, you are learning new things day by day and helping the needy people as well but you have used the codes of MBL which is a bit unfortunate.

    Any way. Good work

    1. Yes Ravi Bro you could easily find out this code on W3school, but i have linked from MBL because it will take more time to host on google or any other services. thats why i have used the mbl hosting scripting codes.

      Yes Ravi bro in blogging career we should must try learn new and unique things, Still am also learning advance SEO from difference sources.

      Ravi bro as we were going together with Alexa rank i have gain 26k but your blog is still going around near at 48k whats the reasons i want to know. ?

  8. So Beautiful Fireworks .
    Hope I Could Study jQuery

    1. Yes Bro study jquery and create unique styles of scripting objects. we could love your work.

  9. I'm totally speechless bro Hafeez... I always enjoy spending some minutes here at PBT. Thanks for sharing.

    ~~ Victor Noah ~~

    1. Thanks Victor Bro its pleasure for me. That you love and like our blog by Heart.

  10. @Hafeez- I am doing few experiments in blogger and WordPress template designing, working on other projects these days so failed to update my blog regularly. That's probably the reason why, my alexa rank is falling down regularly.

    After the completion of my ongoing project, i will update it regularly and hopefully will gain better ranking again.

  11. your blog helps me for making blog you done good job,your all posts are good i think your blog give me good guide line for blogging thns Hafeez bro

  12. It was excellent.I found a lot of informative stuff in your post keep it up thank you.

  13. I did'nt Find < / body > There Is Only < body ...

  14. Nice And Great Post For Blogger Please Keep It Up ......Techtunesu


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