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Top 10 Blogs and Bloggers In America

Top 10 American Blogs
Today we are going to share an interesting news about the Top 10 American blogs. As many of us sometime we must curious about to know more about the top ten blogs and bloggers in the world. Since we know that America is the largest tech developed & well known blogging community in the world, blogging and freelancing are popular in these countries. So i was thinking why not to share with you a complete list of all the popular technology blogs based in America. Since from the couple of days we are finding out to get all tech popular blogs related from American Sides & finally we have shortlisted some of them popular blogs which we are going to dedicating in this article. So in this article, we will show you the Top 10 Blogs in America.

Blogging is Turning into Business

Well do you know the real fact of blogging?. May be some of you guys must be familiar with the real fact what exactly blogging is. Is it only hobby, a single day game, wastage of time or turning your life into serious business, imagine these all things are possible, proved & happened. 
A small home blog could easily turned you into business if could prove your self as Ethical bloggers. It solely depends upon you how you serve your self in this careers. The real examples i will mention look at Mashable, Techcrunch these blogs have gain popularity throughout the global world. They have also started theirs blogging career like you & me in early days they were not popular in a whole night it requires bundles of hard work, timing, skills, passions, hobby & many mores.

American statesman  Colin Powell Says 

A  dream  doesn't  become  reality  through  magic;
it  takes  sweat,  determination  and  hard  work.

Guys this was little bit about blogging & business how they related to each others in blogging careers & could turn your life. So lets come to the point this article is not completely focus business+blogging niche.

Top Ten Blogs & Bloggers In America

So guys here you will finds all the popular blogs based in USA country. All the top 10 blogs will be listed one by one as per given criteria.  Have a great time to see all the popular blogs of America on PBT.

Priority of ranking will be given:
  • Alexa Rank: 60%
  • Google Page Rank: 40%  

1. The Huffington Post

  • Alexa USA: 25
  • Alexa Word Wide: 97
  • Site Linking in: 207,291 
  • Google PR: 8/10

2. Mashable

  • Alexa USA: 360
  • Alexa Word Wide: 419
  • Site Linking in: 102,013
  • Google PR: 8/10

3. BusinessInsider

  • Alexa USA: 269
  • Alexa Word Wide: 535
  • Site Linking in: 78,626
  • Google PR: 7 / 10

4. TechCrunch

  • Alexa USA: 485
  • Alexa Word Wide: 609
  • Site Linking in: 93,376
  • Google PR: 8 / 10

5. TMZ

  • Alexa USA: 140
  • Alexa Word Wide: 528
  • Site Linking in: 31,307
  • Google PR: 8 / 10

6. Engadget

  • Alexa USA: 445
  • Alexa Word Wide: 597
  • Site Linking in: 66,242
  • Google PR: 8 / 10

7. BuzzFeed

  • Alexa USA: 124
  • Alexa Word Wide: 363
  • Site Linking in: 44,772
  • Google PR: 7 / 10

8. The Daily Beast

  • Alexa USA: 425
  • Alexa Word Wide: 1,460
  • Site Linking in: 40,941
  • Google PR: 8 / 10

9. Gawker

  • Alexa USA: 346
  • Alexa Word Wide: 1,131
  • Site Linking in: 38,336
  • Google PR: 7 / 10

10. The Verge

  • Alexa USA: 848 
  • Alexa Word Wide: 1,451
  • Site Linking in: 36,156
  • Google PR: 7 / 10

Your Views

Hi guys we hope that you would enjoy this little tutorial about Top Ten Popular Blogs in USA. Hope it will be the accurate views according to PBT. Guys we have landed on so many sites to finds all these popular blogs and listed here with you. If you know better blogs rather than these top 10 blogs then we would most respected to say that please lets us know about more popular blogs. Do not forget to share your views with PBT readers.  

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    1. Thanks dear for liking our jobs. its indeed the top pro blogs from america. Lets talk about the second issue. Ankit Bro i think my Blog will not crawl so fast in 30 minute. Actually I do not want to do this but unfortunately due to Timing Overs you know already that..... its done by me sometime. But next time i will try my best to ignore such things. Thanks Dear for giving me this nice information related to SEO.

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    1. Yes bro These are really the top ten blogs of America. Thanks for landing here.

  7. Apart from there are many indian blogs which are competiting from the american blogs. The blog post is awesome and is giving peaked information

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