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Customize Google Plus Followers Widget for Blogger

Google Plus Followers Widget
Hi pals the today post recipe will goes all about the professional google plus widget. Google+ sharing gadget is one the best high-lighted widgets which is mostly liked by so many readers with just single click. It will boost your blog traffics because whenever we published our post through google + sharing gadget then after sometime it also show the original post in google search results while actually that will not redirect you to that post blog by clicking on the links because it is not show the blog post redirection it is show there just because you have published that post on google plus . There are also some major advantage by using such gadget. So our today post will goes all about the professional google plus followers widget 2013.
Part 1: Customize Google Plus Widget
Part 2: Professional Google Plus Widget In Process

Bloggers Should Use Google Plus Gadget ?

In my opinion the answer of this question is very strict because by using this amazing gadget will bring beauty and dramatically change in your blog. It will touch the height of visitors growth in short duration. It will also boosts your google plus friends once you put it in your blog. A blog or website without google+ sharing gadget is looked un-fancy & have no professional view. There are also numberless advantages which we are dedicating you in the below several steps just follow them. 

Is Google Plus is Much Smarter then Facebook ?

There are certain reasons which we could not determine that which on is the best and has well optimization tips which helps in increasing blog pages views and posts growth. Facebook:  In present days there is a huge popularity of facebook. You have also heard alot about facebook. In present days all bloggers also are giving first priority to facebook  in social media sharing services. Facebook has millions of plugins which your blog post along with meta description. we can publilsh our post on facebook in different styles thats why since many of us leads facebook not all others like google+, twiter, LinkedIn etc.
Google Plus:  If you are still whole heartedly the lover of facebook then we are promising that you will soon shifted to google plus. As the it name indicate that is purely & solely developed by Google Developers. You already know that google is all the time al-rounder in online world. Then why blogger will not follow it. Google official has recently included a new function which work as per criteria. Whenever  we publish the post on google plus it will send that post by message to your all common friends automatically just on by single click. So here it work faster then facebook. Hope now you will little differentiate the benefits between google+  & facebook. 

Major Features by Using Google Plus Widget

Here is the list of some basic advantages by using such gadget in blogger blog. You are advised to read the whole post carefully & just think about it that how this widget is a needed parts for any blog or website.

  • Owned by google:
  •  Faster then facebook:
  • New post publishing alert:
  • Awesome designing layout:
  • Automatically share the post with all common friends:

Pick Up your Favorite Designing Layout gadget from The List

Here is the list of all customize google+ widget which are customized by PBT editorial team. Select the best one according to your blog designing layout.

Google Plus Gadget View

Google Plus Followers Widget

How to Add Customize Google+ Widget In Blogger

This a very simple process you might have practiced many times. Just follow our below simple steps. You will success once you follow it correctly.
  • Go To Blogger Dashboard:
  • Go To Layout >> Add Html/Javascript gadget:
  • Now Past the below given code:

<a href=''><img alt='Pro Blogger Tricks' src=''/></a>
<div class="g-plus" data-action="followers" data-height="300" data-href="" data-source="blogger:blog:followers" data-width="300">
<script type="text/javascript">
      (function() {
        window.___gcfg = {'lang': 'en'};
        var po = document.createElement('script');
        po.type = 'text/javascript';
        po.async = true;
        po.src = '';
        var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0];
        s.parentNode.insertBefore(po, s);

Make all These Changes

  • Only replace the yellow color code with your own google plus id code:
  • You can find these code >> when you visit your google plus account you will see 14 digits code in the address bar. Just copy this code and replace with yellow color code.
  • Finally Save you gadget and refresh
  • You almost done:

 Our Part 2 Tutorial will be on the following Designing Layout

#2 Left Side Curve Image Style

Google Plus Followers Widget

#3 Right side Curve Image Style

Google Plus Followers Widget

#4 Rounded Image Style

Google Plus Followers Widget

Guys Wait we will soon publish the 2nd part of this post


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  5. waooo great work i am very happy to see this different style google plus widget and now i am waiting for your second tutorial you are rocking good job keep it up.......

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