Sunday, 30 June 2013

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How to Show and Hide Widgets in Blogger Specific Pages

Show and hide widgets in blogger
Today i come again with one another interesting tips that would help you display or hide blogger widget on specific parts of your blog. Guys sometime you might be noticed that whenever we add a gadget in blogger default home page then it would appear on all static pages like home page, about me page, downloaded page and post pages. Being a blogger user sometime we need to remove unnecessary widgets from specif pages in blogger and want to show our desires  widgets on certain pages according to our need. So by playing with such trick it will not only bring beauty in blog statics pages but it would also help in blog faster loading time. So in today article we will show you how to show and hide widget in blogger specific pages.

Thursday, 27 June 2013

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Use Google Alert to Monitor what People are talking about You

Well guys you already know that google provides us more than 20 online tools along with blogger & wordpress. Today we will talk about the Google Alert API which is also one of the prominent & top Google online tools. Few years back Google developers introduced this splendid tool to track yourself on the world web. Google Alert is very useful & practicable for all bloggers and internet users. By using Google Alert Alert You could easily track yourself & your blog what people are talking & writing about you and your blog. So in this article we will show you how to use Google Alert to monitor your blog and yourself what people are discussing about you and your blogs on world wide web.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

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How to Resize All Post Images Automatically in Blogger

How to resize all posts images automatically in blogger
By using proper images in blog post will not only make your post designable but also attracted more and more visitors. Adding proper dimension images in blog posts is a prominent job & also very very essential for SEO. Such images give an illustrative mapping help to readers. So what if we have used & added a random dimension images in earlier post and now we want to resize all of them at once. Is it possible to decrease or increase image size in all posts automatically. Since from the couples of days we received bundles of email asking for helps is there any way to resize all previous posts images instantly. Yes surely we could easily customize all these photos by playing with a little Css Code. So in this article we will show you how to resize all post images automatically in blogger blog.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

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New Multi Column Footer Widget For Blogger

Multi Column Footer Widget
If you are a regular reader of PBT then you might be noticed that few days back we have shared a detailed tutorial about three columns footer widget which was liked & appreciated by most of the bloggers & webmasters. Today we have one another interesting same widget which will consist multi columns widget. By adding this customize widget your blog will be atomically turned into professional view. Sometime we need a multiple columns in footer area to add many gadget according to our requirement. Yesterday i met with one of my client he was asking about the same issue how could we customize blogger template footer to add multiple gadget in specific columns. So this article will show us how to add multi column widget in blogger blog.

Friday, 21 June 2013

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Add Stylish Facebook Like Box without Border

facebook like box without border
Facebook gives us awesome opportunity to add facebook like box in blogger blog. This is one of the best superlative & leading way to increase Facebook page fans dramatically. Since we see that facebook become the top social sharing website throughout the global which every bloggers want to publish his/her posts on facebook page. Now to make this work easier they simply add facebook like box into blog/website. Yesterday i have received a comment from client he was talking about how could we add fancy stylish facebook box in blog without grey color border. Point to be noted whenever we want to add default facebook fan page box in template it always comes up with the tiny grey color border. So in today article we will show you how to add stylish facebook like box without border in blog.

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

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Top 10 Blogs and Bloggers In America

Top 10 American Blogs
Today we are going to share an interesting news about the Top 10 American blogs. As many of us sometime we must curious about to know more about the top ten blogs and bloggers in the world. Since we know that America is the largest tech developed & well known blogging community in the world, blogging and freelancing are popular in these countries. So i was thinking why not to share with you a complete list of all the popular technology blogs based in America. Since from the couple of days we are finding out to get all tech popular blogs related from American Sides & finally we have shortlisted some of them popular blogs which we are going to dedicating in this article. So in this article, we will show you the Top 10 Blogs in America.

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

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How To Find Dofollow Commentluv Blogs For Commenting

Enabled Commentluv Blogs
Commenting on others dofollow blogs is the Ethical and good way to get high PR and Quality backlinks for your blog. This will not only engage with new visitors but also get high quality links strings for your blog. This is one of the best and unique way to increase blog traffics instantly. We are observing  these days newbies are very in trouble & tired in searching of KeywordLuv and CommentLuv enabled blogs to leave a comments with desired links So that to increase the reputations of quality backlinks & get good result in PR. So basically these are two way to find commentluv blogs for commenting. Lets Learn how to finds these blogs easily for commenting to get gains dofollow backlinks for blog.

Sunday, 16 June 2013

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How to Add Three Column Footer Widget in Blogger

Three column widget for Blogger
Sometime you might be get interested to add professional column widget in blogger template. however we have seen a lot of professional blogger template which have not well organized and have no professional like footer widget. Since from the couple of days we have received so many comments from our loyal readers posting theirs queries about how to add customize footer widget in blogger template. So in today post i am presenting you professional looks footer widget which contain three columns where each column separately accommodate many widgets as you want to add. So once you added this footer section in to your blog then you could easily add furthers gadget separately inside specific column. So In this post we will learn how to add three column footer widget in blogger blog.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

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Add Best Jquery Slideshow To Blogger

Jaquery Slideshow For Blogger
Today we are going to present you an awesome & stunning out slideshow widget for Blogspot blog. However we know that you may familiar with this widget earlier but the biggest advantage of using this slideshow will never stay your blog on loading time. This slide gadget is totally created in jquery which is latest and lightest scripting language. By using jquery slide show in blogger blog you can easily get dozens of benefits. This slider will script one to one image which you can easily turnout to your latest post. You can easily show the latest & popular posts through this blogger slideshow. There are also uncountable features by using jquery slideshow in blog. Most of Pro blogger using it for Introduce theirs self. So you can easily use it for blog bio page. So in today article we will learn how to add professional jquery slideshow in blogger.

Friday, 14 June 2013

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7 Tips To Optimize Images For SEO To Increase Blog Traffic

Image Optimization Tips
Today we are going to share some useful tips about post images. Although we have shared alot of tutorial about how to optimize blog for robots to rank well in all popular search engine. But today we will talk about how to make post images robots friendly to get high results in search engine. To optimize image for better SEO it will definitely  ranks well in Google Search Images & we already know that there are billions of users, web masters and bloggers copying images from Google Search Images and use them in their blog posts. So if are interested to get high results in search results then do not forget to optimize your images before publishing your post. Learn all the beginner steps for making your posts robots lover and boost you post higher & higher in Search Engine. So this post will guide us How to Optimize Your Blog Post Images for Search Engine.

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

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Blogspot vs Wordpress Comparison 2013

Blogspot vs Wordpress
Today we are going to talking about the most frequently questions asked by newbies many times & sometime most of them confused for a long time to choose Blogspot or Wordpress for theirs blogging careers. Blogger and wordpress becomes the most popular and prominent platform in modern era. There are millions of users on the internet using blogger & wordpress CMS systems. But for a single author it becomes very difficult to say which one is better & has more potential than other one. However it has been discussed many times by pro bloggers and some of them recommended that wordpress is better due to its professional features while most of them have a strongly voiced that blogger is the top CMS and seo friendly platform which should be used for blogging journey.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

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6 Basic Blogger SEO Tips For Search Engine

6 Basic Blogger SEO Tips
Being a blogger user basic seo setting is the foremost job for becoming a successful blogger. SEO play a vital role in blogging career. SEO is the backbone and living body example of a successful blog or website. By applying a proper seo tips on blog it will must rank higher in search engine results which is personally tested and implemented by PBT. The Most strong seo tips applied on your blog the more you will get higher result in all popular search engine. Since from the couple of days our loyal readers finally compelling me to write a successful post about the basic blogger seo tips. So our today post recipe will all about the Basics Seo tips for newly born blogger blog.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

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How To Create More Than 20 Static Pages In Blogger Blog

Create More Than 20 Static Pages In Blogger
Toady we are gifting an amazing tricks for newbies bloggers by which they can easily create more than 20 statics pages in blogger. Yesterday i have received a numberless comments from my clients they would have voiced how we have can make more than twenty pages in blogger blog. As we know that blogger has so many prominent features like wordpress. Google has included as additional features nearly in 2013 like Dynamic Separate Meta Description,  Robots.txt file and programming like HTML editors and many mores. But guys you might have noticed that there is also a huge number of limitation for blogger platform. like this one. how to create more than twenty pages in blogger blog. So in today post are going to share with you how to resolve this problem by playing a little trick.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

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How To Create Blogger Template By Using Artisteer

Create Blogger Template by Artisteer
Blogger Platform gain more and more popularity these days. We see that present days very newbie blogger start their beginning blogging journey with blogger platform. There million of users using blogger platform due to its prominent features. But let me tell you guys on thing unfortunately even being blogger user most of them still do not know how to create a professional blogger template. They are following pro bloggers or have limited knowledge little now about changing the font style, adding gadget to blogger, and Css customization. So if you are truly like blogger platform and blogger lover then some time you might be get interested to create a blogger template. So this post will leads us about how to make and build a creative blogger template using Artisteer.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

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How To Change Blogger Template

Change Blogger Template
Are you tired of using the default blogger template ?. Do you want to give professional design to your blogger blog ? if yes then read this post carefully from top to bottom. Our today post recipe will completely goes all about how to change blogger template. Being a blogger user everyone should must know all the tips and tricks how to change and replace the blogger default template with new one. Since from the couple of days we have received dozens of comments from newbie asking for thing how to change blogger template inside blogger new interface. They are facing so many problem in Blogger New Interface even they do not know how exactly use it.

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

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Add Social Sharing Buttons Below Every Post in Blogger

Social Sharing buttons gadget to blogger post
Blogging Becomes more interesting if readers share your contents and posts on different social sharing website. Social media website play a vital role in blogging careers. It boost the blog post rank well in search engine without using any social services we wont get a good traffics from social networks sites. A good website or blog will be considered only if it get massive traffics from social medias & search engine. You might have seen alot of Pro Bloggers which they have still focuses on sharing their posts on social media websites. In short we will just only say that being an ethics blogger we should always publish our post on different social media site through social sharing buttons widget. So in today post we will learn how to add social sharing buttons widget below post title in blogger blog.

Sunday, 2 June 2013

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Google Plus Pop Up Like Box for Blogger 2013

Google plus pop up like box 2013
Being an Internet-savvy every blogger and webmaster try to increase theirs blog ranks as well as readerships & blog post likes. They leads & apply thousands of tips & tricks to become an unlimited traffics receivers & have dozen of post likes. we are thinking from the couple of days why not share a small google plus gadget which can really help to increase google plus friends & post likes counters. So in today post will share with you guys an amazing google+ pop up light box widget which are really important for your blogger blog if you are still unable to have massive traffics from google plus account. Then are presenting you a gadget that is similar to facebook pop up like box which we have published earlier.
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Customize Google Plus Followers Widget for Blogger

Google Plus Followers Widget
Hi pals the today post recipe will goes all about the professional google plus widget. Google+ sharing gadget is one the best high-lighted widgets which is mostly liked by so many readers with just single click. It will boost your blog traffics because whenever we published our post through google + sharing gadget then after sometime it also show the original post in google search results while actually that will not redirect you to that post blog by clicking on the links because it is not show the blog post redirection it is show there just because you have published that post on google plus . There are also some major advantage by using such gadget. So our today post will goes all about the professional google plus followers widget 2013.

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