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Blogger Introduced New Template Html Editor

Blogger New Template Html Editor
Yesterday blogger officials added a new functions in blogger platform. Blogger developers has introduced a New Html Editor for blogger users to customize the template without getting errors. Google works continuously on blogger dashboard to upgrade more and more additional features. Blogger platform brings so many additional features in 2013. You might have observed that few days ago Blogger developers have developed a Wikipedia Search Box widget for Blogger. Blogger platform gain popularity day and days because of such amazing features and has owned by Google. There are millions of people using blogger platform because of so many additional features and has free web hosting.

Robot.txt file in blogger

  What is Blogger Template Html Editor ?

Being a blogger user we have practiced so many times and have been aware all of the old features exists in Blogger dashboard. Actually there are two html editors appearing in blogger dashboard one is specially for writing the new post and the other one is for editing the template. Previously whenever we goes to edit the template it will only gives us limited options for editing. like expand widget. But now there are certain option available in new blogger template html editors. This editors provides us some major options for customization the blogger template.

Whats New in Blogger New Editor Html ?

When we click on editor html Template it will show the interface with amazing tools for customization the blogger templates.In this new editors bloggers included some major programming techniques like numbering lines, Syntax Errors Highlighted and many mores. Its new features seeing in the illustrative shots give below.

  • New Html Editor Interface in Blogger

  • Blogger New Template Html Editor

  • Closing Tags Error Highlighted Alert

  • Blogger New Template Html Editor
  • Widget Menu inside Editor

  • Blogger New Template Html Editor
  • Where is Expand Widget Option in New Editor ?

  • Actually there will be no more expand widget option available in new template html editor. Now expand widget will work same on format template option. Now we have some basics tools inside editors such as Save template, Jump to widget, Edit template, Preview template, Revert change, Save template and Revert template to default.


  1. Amazing features added by blogger team. Thanks hafeez bro to share this info with us.

  2. @Ankit

    Thanks Ankit for your Appreciations PBT will always provides unique and Updates about Blogger platform thanks to you man. keep in touch.



  4. @Akhil

    Thanks Akhil for Your Appreciations PBT will brings updates News about Blogger platform keep in touch with us.

  5. @Ilyas Shaikh

    Thanks Ilyas for giving us good thumbs..thanks to you.

  6. nice hafeez i also write an article on it but you written well keep it up
    Blogging tips and tricks

  7. @Shakeel Asghar

    Thanks Shakeel bro we also like your work. Brother one thing should i say to you now its time to purchase a custom domain name for your blog it will give the blog rank and will look professionally.

    @Ilyas Shaikh

    Thanks Ilyas for Appreciations.

  8. This is a very nice article on blogger html editor i like your article.

  9. @Vetubes

    Thanks vetubes for your appreciations.

  10. good tutorial but this interface is not good for code editing

  11. @Shahrukh Khan

    Bro its a perfect interface for blogger. Now we can easily jump from one block of coding to another. This editors is much easier than old one. After some time everyone will be familiars with each sections there is no difficulty inside its.

  12. hi man thanks for your well explained post...
    i need it really and your information is very useful to me
    thanks again for your good work on this topic...

  13. @Trading World

    Thanks man for your appreciations you will get unique on PBT in futures. keep in touch with us.

  14. @Zeeshan Ahmad

    Thanks bro for your appreciations keep in touch with us.

  15. User-friendly yes, but not so easy to find codes when adding old tips and tricks such as adding comment bubbles to posts. Still searching or waiting for someone to update this...

    Great post!

  16. @NFS

    Ya bro you are rights in new blogger html editor is seem some dificulties for newbies but do,nt worry be playing with codes you will familiars with all the functions. do practice several time on its. thanks man.

  17. Replies
    1. Thanks Rizwan for your hard appreciations. Thanks for landing with us.

  18. hafeez bro i am not able to find some codes and add new widgets what should i do......

    1. Syed Muhammad If it your question is all about this. that how to find any tag/code easily in blogger new html editor ? then listen.

      if you could not find any tag easily in blogger new html editors.>>>> Copy all the entire code and past in notepad after pasting search your specific code through searching by Crl F and when you got its. just go back to your blogger editors and modified thats whatever you wants.

      Any problem feel free to ask.

  19. Nice Post i like this new template editor this also help for pro bloggers thanks man

  20. When I click on the 'edit html', it doesn't show the editor interface. any idea why? please help :(

  21. Hi!

    I am not able to change the html of my blog title. Is this feature not available in Blogger?

  22. how to add blogsite link page


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