Sunday, 28 April 2013

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How To Find Tags & Codes Easily In Blogger New Html Editor

+Coding Inside Blogger New Html Editor
Present days i have received so many comments from newbies asking for one things about How we can find any tags easily in blogger new html editors. They are worried this fact and do,not find theirs required specifics codes inside the blogger new html interface. They considered & take its so difficult then older one. However we like & love the blogger new Html Editors because of improving and upgrading with highly sophisticated programming structures. Blogger officials give a Professional Designing to blogger new HTML interface & it has overcome many problems then old one. So in our today tutorial we will show a basic tips and tricks to finds each programming sections inside blogger html editors.

Friday, 26 April 2013

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How to Create a Full Width Page & Remove Sidebar in Blogger

Create Full width page in blogger blog
Hi friends today we will learn some basic tips and tricks about how to create a full width page in blogger blog without sidebar. Being a blogger user's sometime you must be worried about & tried several times on this mechanism but not successful its indeed a very interested & passionate factor of Blogger bog. Why ?. Let me clear. You might have a contact us page or about me page while some of have advertise us page on theirs blog/ websites. So these are all statics pages contains only about bio data, blog information & advertisement programs. These pages are mostly not dealing with Search Engine this will only all about the blog administrative team. So we will give it some professional designing to make its perfects looks for viewers & our loyal readers. By removing the sidebar it bring beauty in these certain pages. So the today article is summarize about how to create full width page in blogger to increase the page size in blogger.

Wednesday, 24 April 2013

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Top 5 Online Best Web Designing Websites Of 2013

Top best web designing websites
Web designing & development is the most prominent & luxuries  job of every blogger & webmasters in modern era. So our today post will be all about the top best website for learning web designing. blogging is growing fastly these days & the competitions is out there in every fields of life. Web developers have hardy focuses on online tools thats help millions of newbies without knowing any special skill in designing, programming & many mores. There are so many professional tools available on the internet which provides us about any programming languages & providing us web development tutorials as free of costs. Now web designing is no more difficult for common persons. A newbie will be expert just in a week and days. There is huge numbers of websites for learning web designing, web developments Online. So in this article i have listed all the Top 5 best online free Top web designing website of 2013.

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

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How to Change Author Comments Color Style In Blogger Blog

change author comments background style
Being a blogger user nowadays every one want to keep neat & clean blog/website designing interface. Our Today tutorial will be How to change author comments background color text style in blogger blog. So we were talking about the designing. Blogger platform gives us the opportunity to customize each & every parts of a templates by using any programming languages thats why blogger is first class then wordpress. We can full customize blogger templates by inserting Css, java-script, jquery and php inside the templates. So every blogger user have full rights to customize each sections inside blogger templates. So today we are going to learn how to customize author comments text highlighting different from visitors comments.

Monday, 22 April 2013

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Add Stylish Popular Post Widget With Round Thumbnail in Blogger

Stylish Popular Post Widget With Round Thumbnail in Blogger
Hi guys today we are going to share with you a wonderful & awesome widget for your blogger blog. So our today post will be all about how to add & create a stylish popular post   widget with round thumbnail image  for blogger blog. Sometime you  might have observed that This widget is used by many blogger blogs & thats is just because of its awesome designing & professional looks. So many times we have analyzed that each and every blog keeping this widget by default which has unprofessional looks & non-customize thats in results which will not bring any changes in your blog. So if we considered it as backbone of a blog then why not to stylify & give awesome design to this widget. Learn how to customize popular post widget in blogger:

Friday, 19 April 2013

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How to make a Badge or Grab Our Button For Blogger Blog

How to Create A Badge Button
This article is all about how to create a Badge or Grab Our Button for blogger blog. Grab our buttons widget is the need of every blogger & webmaster. If you have a blog or website then you must have a badge buttons for your blog it will not only spread your voice but will also give increase your blog do follow back links. So there are uncountable benefits of using the badge buttons in your blog website. I have analyzed so many time that many Pro Bloggers failed to create this badge buttons for theirs blog. Its indeed a tricky way to create this widget for blog but not difficult. today i have bring some some amazing coding through which you can easily make a badge butttons for blogger & wordpress.

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

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How to Enable or Disable Comments in Blogger For Single Page

How to disable comments in blogger
Being a blogger user sometime we need to disable or enable comments in blogger blog for single static page & post. Google officials continuously work on blogger platform to make it perfect for all blogging strategies like in wordpress, drupal & joomla, Blogger developers have uploaded so many additional features in blogger dashboard in 2013. Nowadays this is the most frequently question from newbies to how we enable and disable comments box in blogger blog for single post.

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

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How To Disable & Turn Off Comments Box in Blogger For all Posts

how to disable comments box in blogger
Being a blogger user sometime we need to hide comments from all post & pages in blogger. While doing thats manually it will take a lots of our precious time. If we gonna to remove one by one comments inside blogger editor it might be taken a months or years. So many of us using third party comments form like Disqus And some others in which they can easily remove and hide comments form. What if we use blogger custom comment form ?. now learn some basic tips about how to disable & enable comments box in blogger for all posts & pages in blogger. So here is some basic tips about how to remove comments box in blogger blog. The today article is all about how to disable & turn off comments form in Blogger Template.

Sunday, 14 April 2013

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Top 10 Best Free Premium Blogger Templates Of 2013

Top 10 Best Free Premium Blogger Templates Of  2013
Today PBT will provide you a huge collections of best and free premium blogger templates of 2013. If you are really an internet savvy blogger or webmasters then sometime you must be checking out & finding for best free premium templates for your blog website. So from the couple of days i have been searching for free download premium blogger templates and finally i have listed all those Top ten premium blogger templates. There are uncountable benefits of using such likes neats and cleans templates it will not only looks professional but it will also help in SEO because robots like well optimized templates. SO this article is all about the best free premium blogger themes.

Thursday, 11 April 2013

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Top 3 Online Sites To Find Quality Free Images & Icons for Blogs

Top online Free images sites
Hi guys today i have brought some amazing top 3 sites which provides us free images and icons for blogs. Today we see that every blogger & webmaster using images in blog posts and its becomes hobby and habit of every one why thats because in the presence of images in blog post it brings the beauty and awesome designing in posts while in other hands its not an easier job to find quality images for blog. So the today article is all about the top online sites to find free and quality images for blogs and websites.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

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Blogger Introduced New Template Html Editor

Blogger New Template Html Editor
Yesterday blogger officials added a new functions in blogger platform. Blogger developers has introduced a New Html Editor for blogger users to customize the template without getting errors. Google works continuously on blogger dashboard to upgrade more and more additional features. Blogger platform brings so many additional features in 2013. You might have observed that few days ago Blogger developers have developed a Wikipedia Search Box widget for Blogger. Blogger platform gain popularity day and days because of such amazing features and has owned by Google. There are millions of people using blogger platform because of so many additional features and has free web hosting.

Monday, 8 April 2013

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Top 10 Bloggers and Blogs In Pakistan of 2013

Top 10 blogger & blog of Pakistan
This article is all about the Top 10 Pakistani Bloggers and Blogs. Since from the couple of days i was searching for top ten blogger in Pakistan and today i have created the complete list of all those top ten adsense earning blogs and bloggers which are belonging to Pakistan. You might have observed that each and every year this article is published by many bloggers in which they listed all the top pro bloggers of Pakistan and Indians. Lets see in coming year we will get some another top blogger and blog of 2014. Previously we have published a complete article about The Top 10 Bloggers And Blogs In India of 2013. So after publishing this article i have received many comments from Pakistani bloggers to write a perfect article about top popular earning blogs of Pakistan. In coming days we will soon publish a complete article about The Top 10 blogger in the world.

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