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How to Stop All Search Engines From Indexing Your Blogger Blog

Stop search engine from indexing your blogger blog
Some time you might be interested to stop search engine from indexing and crawling your blogger blog and it happens when we are going to introducing or publishing new blogger blog or website. When its need to stop search engine from your blogger blog?. well the question is right. Whenever we start a new blog or website then we always desire to stop all the major search engine from indexing and crawling the blog contents. Blog or website at the developmental stage has a lot of creepy errors and it will surely kill your blog beauty. So i would be always recommended never access your blog or website in search engines when it is on developmental stage.

The reasons is that if someone visits your blog thats will never land again why because of poor designing, contents erros, and many mores. First impression is that last. So first make or give professional design to your blog, website and when it becomes perfect look from every angle then its the time to release it in all search engines.
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How to Stop Search Engine From indexing your blogger blog

This is a very simple process. Follow the below given steps
  • Go to blogger dashboard >> Setting:
  • Click on Basic>> Privacy:
  • Click on the No option on both and Then Save see below:

Stop search engine from indexing and crawling
  • Now you have done almost to block the search engine.

Blog is Ready For Search Engine

Now after some time and doing all the possible customization and SEO optimization Titles, Blog Description, Designing and many mores and Once your site is ready for the release, you can easily follow the above same steps but this time select YES. It will give access to the robots, and they will again start crawling and indexing your site in search engines.

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  1. Hafeez bro, you know what this is top most asked question on blogging communities by newbie bloggers and I have replied them with this trick many times.. Great post buddy!

  2. nice post dear ...i like your template can you give me your temp please

  3. @ Ankit
    Thanks Ankit keep in touch...happy blogging!

    I have sent this template to your email check its now....

  4. Hi Hafeez Khan,
    I have find many newbies are facing this problem due to lack of knowledge, this will guide them to update there setting good efforts for them.. ^-^

  5. @ Umesh

    Really this setting will help newbies thanks Umesh for being here once again Thanks to

  6. thanks for the informative post Abdul Hafeez bhaai.

  7. Nice post, I bookmark your blog because I found very good information on your blog, Thanks for sharing iso qualyit serviecs

  8. Bro, it affect Google page rank and Alexa rank?


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