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How to Show Author Profile Picture in Google Search Results

Google webmaster tools introduce an additional features to display author google plus profile picture in google search engine result. Sometime you might have seen a lot of websites and blogs which appears in google search  engine result with author profile thumbnails picture this is why, it just because of new additional features in google webmaster tools. Now you can easily show your own google plus pictures along with all of your web pages, articles that you own on your site.

In this way the author bio data and all information will be shared with throughout the global world and all your visitors will see your image next to every post that you own on site.

Finaly in today tutorial i will show you how to display author profile picture in google search results.

How to Show Author Profile Picture next to Google Search results

You will need the following things to show your picture.

  1. You have own blog or website.
  2. You have Google plus account
  3. You must have an about me page on your blog/website. if you dont have create about me page on your site. Just give the name about me, or about us.
  4. If you have met all the above requirements then you may follow the below steps.

How to Add rel author tags in your blog

Step 1:
  • On your blog/website header, sidebar or footer add the below code.
  • Remember do not remove rel="author" otherwise image will not show.

<a href="https://plus.google.com/102374609863098638295"
  rel="author" target="_blank"> Join me on Google+</a>

  • In the given code replace google+Id [102374609863098638295 ] with your own google profile link id.
  • Go to your google plus profile and copy the digits from the address bar as given below

  • The above process becomes this add your own links in side bar like this see below.
  • Remember you must change the google plus digital address with your own

  • In the same way you may also add your link to your footer area or your about me page see below

Step 2: 

  • Now go to about me page and insert this link anywhere you want

<a href="https://plus.google.com/GOOGLE+ ID"
  rel="me" target="_blank"> My Google Profile</a>

  • Again replace Google+ID with your own google plus profile id.
  • Look into my page how i inserted this link.

Setp 3:

      1:     Now go to google plus profile and click on edit button

      2: Check show visibility in searh result if you found this option check this.

      3:    Then Click on the Link area as given below
    4:       Add your blog home page url to and also your about me page url.
             You can also add facebook and twiter links if you wish.

    5:       Go to  https://plus.google.com/104384690076661173234/plusones

    6:       Click Edit profile

    7:        Check the Show this tab on my profile checkbox

    8:        Upload image to google plus account. if you have already uploaded image on                     google plus acount then no need to upload image. its ok

   9:         Finaly save you account and you are almost done.

Test How to show Author image in Google search results

Now you will need to see how your image show in search result click here and enter your home page url in the search box and see the result like mine blog see below.

If you done all the steps correctly then you will see the following results


  • First of all you will need to add two links on your sites. 1st one is on side bar and 2nd one is in footer area or about me page. you may also use one links only in footer or in sidebar area.
  • Replace all the occurance google+ID in the given code with your own google plus profile digital address
  • Add your site home page link and about me page links to Google plus.
  • Check the show this tab on my profile page.
  • Finaly Save you account
  • Remember wait at least 10  To 15 days to show your image in Google Search results.


  1. Bro you really did work hard to produce this quality post. Well explanation with images.. :-)

  2. @ Ankit
    Thanks Ankit for your appreciation in blogging world we should should should have a hard work to reach the destination thats is....

  3. Yes dear you said very true. And I am noticing that you are really working hard. Wish You Success Bro!

  4. @Shahzad

    Thanks shahzad for your appreciation keep in touch

  5. Hi hafeez bro,
    Awesome post :) thanks for this one;)
    Bro I have a blog about android games and its about 8 months old .. and I have made 200 posts but I don't get any sort of traffic :'( I work really hard on my blog but no success ..can you plz help me ??
    My blog:

  6. nice tutorial hafeez brother work great
    brother you have a little problem in pop up facebook like page you Forgot onlineustad url with your own
    Get Approved Google Adsense Account in few seconds

  7. Asghar
    thanks for inform me good reply actually that time i was checking my pop up fb page.

  8. when i test with rich snippets it shows :

    rel=author markup has successfully established authorship for this webpage.


    Linked Google+ page: https://plus.google.com/116308767127527656781
    [here https://plus.google.com/116308767127527656781 is my another account. But i didn't add it in my blog.]

    How to fix it??

    Md Azeem

  9. @ Azeem

    This is show your google plus page...

  10. I have an error:
    Missing required hCard "author".
    how can ı fix it?

  11. @Pyraz Singh
    Bro check your author tag on your about me page. Insert that properly and wait for some days it will work.

  12. hi man thanks for your well explained post...
    i need it really and your information is very useful to me
    thanks again for your good work on this topic...

  13. @Trading World

    Thanks bro for your kind appreciations

  14. thanks for the info..lets see how does it work???

  15. Mohammad Fazle Rabbi.

    Thanks for appreciations, yes bro it will definitely works if you insert rel"me" tag in about me page & links with google plus thats is.

  16. it works first time before reading your article but recently it is not showing...I have checked in rich snift and showing below error---

    Email verification has not established authorship for this webpage.
    Email address on the bloggerspice.com domain has been verified on this profile: No
    Public contributor-to link from Google+ profile to bloggerspice.com: Yes
    Automatically detected author name on webpage: guest author.
    Error: Author name found on the page and Google+ profile name do not match.

  17. @Mohammad Fazle Rabbi

    Bro its very simple first of all go to your about me page & check your google plus id code for correctness. 2nd insert blog domain name with home page on contributors links. thats is.

    but if you have still a problem then email me. i will resolve it for you.

  18. Thanks bro,was looking for something like that.

  19. Assalamu Alaikum Brother...
    many many thanks...After making a new post finally it worked. And I have used "Blogger Spice | Blogger Tips | Tricks | Widgets | SEO | Make Money Online" instead of "Blogger Spice". However I am grateful to you and wish you success in your blogging career.

    Best Regards

    Mohammad Fazle Rabbi

  20. @Subham Sharma

    Thanks Subham Sharma for your appreciations its you first time here most welcome:

    @Mohammad Fazle

    Thanks Bro that you have fixed your errors. Feel its your home & feel free to ask from PBT.

  21. Dear Hafeez, Excellent!

    I found very useful.

    Best of Luck!
    Ali Ansari

  22. Akhil Ansari

    Thanks for appreciations be around with PBT you will finds mores. Thanks to you man.

  23. Hi, I can't get this to work I'm afraid.

    My blog is a Wordpress ProPhoto blog.


    When I go on my Google Plus profile page, there is no Edit Profile button?

    I have added the links to my homepage and also my footer and the sidebar. Still no joy.

    When I go to the Structured data Testing Tool, I can see a snippet but no Photo, and in the Authorship Testing Result Box it says Page does not contain authorship markup.

    Any help much appreciated. I've spent hours doing this.

  24. Hi,
    This article is informative and it can be easily understood by every one with respective images.....
    Gud luck bro...
    I am new to blogging
    and my blog is

  25. Hey this is brilliant article, I did not know this feature was flexible.
    Thanks a lot for taking the time to write it, I have forwarded to into friends who I know will find it incredibly informative.I run a small ads website. It is fun, easy to use and free which is something I am very proud of, it is www.thefreeadwebsite.com check it out if you have anything to sell/looking for something to buy. Anyway thanks again for your time in writing this.


  26. Hello! Can you plase have a look to my website ?http://montajmobilier.blogspot.ro/

    After i add my blog url and About me page into google+ links or Contributor, there is no pictograme/ icon displayng. Because of that, i quess, when i use Structured data Testing Tool, i can see my picture, Publisher - verified, But i have two erros :Avertisment: Missing required field "updated".
    Avertisment: Missing required hCard "author".

    Can you please help me?

    1. Bro the errors you mentioned have everyone. This is not a big issue. if you want to show picture in google search result. then you may join me at facebook i will show you directly or making customization through team-viewer.

      join me at facebook. hafeez.khan9000@gmail.com or hafeez.nagar

  27. Very Interesting Post u made hafeez bro u Always made unique post thanks for this beautiful post
    Best of luck

  28. Hafeez Khan
    i am providing ur steps correctly but can see google page on my picture...
    following ur steps correctly and green signal also provided and see a picture on when i click on preview option.....

    1. I have read your comment on BTT. Bro if you still any query then kindly joins us on facebook we will make everythings ok by live chat.

  29. This was really great! Thanks so much. You really did a good job giving details of how to do it step by step without completely losing me lol

  30. Hi brother, it is not working for me getting an error like this

    Email verification has not established authorship for this webpage.
    Email address on the tweaksformypc.com domain has been verified on this profile: Yes
    Public contributor-to link from Google+ profile to tweaksformypc.com: Yes
    Automatically detected author name on webpage: Not Found.

    How to Fix it?

    1. Have you created google plus page for your blog ?

  31. nice article thanks,this is my blog http://www.vidhyavizon.blogspot.com,can u please help me to increase blog traffic by visit once my blog.waiting for your reply.
    thanking you

  32. HI, nice idea, I will try it. I think an image will increase the CTR.
    Thanks again.

  33. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  34. All sorts of ways so that the warning message "Automatically detected on the webpage author name: Not Found" This always fails :(

  35. Hello Hafiz. Informative article. I have written a similar article on my blog. I think most of us have Google profiles, so doing it the Google way ( G+ instead of linking to 'About Me' page would be a good idea ) What do you think ?
    Here is the link to my post : http://www.findtopten.com/2013/07/how-to-display-your-picture-in-google.html
    Would be great to have your feedback on this !!

  36. Thank You very much bro. It says verified on rich snippets , I hope it also shows in google search after some days.

  37. please see and say what is the problem in my site
    www.lic24.in why it not showing image of mine in search i tested with structured testing tool as well

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. see step one you have not closed commas properly you are missing it


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