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How To Remove Blogger Navbar 2013

How To Remove Blogger Navbar
Being a blogger user if you are using default blogger template then sometime you must worried about how to remove blogger navbar which appear at the top of your blog. Every blogger wants to give the professional design to theirs blog websites but if you are working on blogger platform with default blogger template then it will show a navigation bar at the TOP of you blog. we observed that every newbie start with the default blogger template while sometime they need to remove blogger navbar apearing at the top of a blog.

This article is all about how to remove blogger navbar in 2013 default template. because if you are using the default blogger templates and have not remove the navbar then probably your blog designing will be look unfancy which can effected you visitors in every angle and when your visitors effected then you may lose the SEO race.

How To Remove blogger navbar

In blogger new interface google team introduce an additional features by which you can easily hide your navbar in a seconds.
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There are Two ways to Remove navbar in Blogger

In blogger old interface you will have to add some piece of code in template to remove the navbar but now in new interface you have full right and we can any time hide or show the bar in a seconds. Use one of them.

1: Automatic Method to Remove Blogger Navbar

This method is so easy follow the below given steps:
  • Go to blogger dashboard >> Layout:
  • Click on the Edit

How To Remove Blogger Navbar

  • when you click on Edit you will see the below image:
How To Remove Navbar in blogger
Then Select off and click on save You done almost then see the result:

2: Manual Method to Remove Blogger Navbar

In this method you will have to add some piece of code in blogger default template to remove the blogger navbar. Follow the below given steps:
  • Go to blogger dashboard:
  • Go to template >> Edit html >> Find the blow code:

How To Remove Blogger Navbar
  • asdf copy this piece of code 
#navbar-iframe { display: none !important;}
  • Paste the above code between these two comment signs as shown in picture below */ /*

How To Remove Blogger Navbar 2013
Here is the complete illustrative image how to insert:
How To Remove Blogger Navbar 2013
 You have done almost save and refresh the page:

Enjoy: Now thats upto you which method becomes easiest for you. Use only one of the above method to remove the navbar in blogger. happy blogging!

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  1. Thanks Hafeez the first method is really nice one.

  2. I love your blog. A lot of good ideas, this one especially. It does give the Blog a more prof look to remove the nav bar, thanks.

  3. Very usefull!Thank you so much..

  4. Thanks Man Working.You can see its removed from

  5. Hey! That really helped, thanks.

  6. I tried removing Navbar through both options, but it does not go. My menus get hidden beside the Navbar.

  7. Thanks Sir my problem solved to using this methods


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