Friday, 29 March 2013

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How to add Wikipedia Search Box Widget in Blogger

Wikipedia search Box widget
Few days ago Blogger added a new Wikipedia Search Box Widget to their blogger gadgets inventory because Wikipedia is the biggest encyclopedia  website in the world. Google team continuously working on blogger platform to upgrade more gadgets let see in 2013 blogger developer's changed the interface of old one with new one which has fully optimized and has brought so many additional features for SEO and webmasters and they will rapidly adding more and more gadgets in blogger dashboard in future. Now you may probably observed that few days ago blogger team has recently launched a Wikipedia Search box for blogger(blogspot) to their gadget gallery. By using the widget you will be able to search Wikipedia within your site.

This widget will might grow the user engagement because sometime people using this gadget to search the topics, contents in depth. How?. Let see If we write about any things like Google Analytic, Google Panda then sometime we did not find it as useful and wanted to know about the comprehensive information on this topics. Its a great helpful tool and by using this widget users will easily find a comprehensive information topics on it.

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How to add Wikipedia New Search Box In Blogger 2013

The process of adding this widget in blogger is so simple.just follow the belew steps.
  • Got to blogger>>Layout:
  • Add a Gadget >> More Gadget.
  • A Pop-up box will appear, Now find Wikipedia search widget. See in the screen shot  below.

  • Now after adding Click on Save and you done almost.

Now whenever someone use the Wikipedia search box it would be give a complete list and provides all the available search results related to the same topics.You can see in the image below.

Wikipedia search Box widget

Hope you enjoy this New Wikipedia widget. Thanks and Happy Blogging!

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