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How to Add Separate meta Description in Blogger Each Post

Google Team insert advance option in blogger new interface sepacial for SEO which is called " Meta Description or Dynamic meta description" dynamic meta description play a vital role in blogger SEO because all the major search engines likes and love those websites blogs which have dynamic meta description for home page and for each blogger post. So the interesting thing is that we can write post description for each blogger post without changing or editing the html we have only insert the code in blogger template and also writes few words about sites in blogger dashboard and thus we have full rights to writes meta description inside blogger post editor.

Meta Description for Home Page and Each post in blogger

Actually dynamic meta description works for both home page and for blogger each post many bloggers wants their dynamic meta description only for home page not for blogger each post. So by enabling this features in blogger now you have full rights whether wants meta description for post or not.

Meta description for home page and for each blogger post will surely increase your posts indexing and crawling rate upto top. A part from this every your new post will stand first and top in search engine result.
Robots header tags for blogger

How to Enable Meta description for blogger home page

  • Go to blogger dashboard
  • Setting>Search> Preferences
  • Click on Edit Yes.
  • Now write your meta description for blog home page. Remember meta description allowed upto 150 character exceeding the limits are not allowed. write upto 150 characters or less that will be better.
  • See the screen shots given below.

Now in the above method you are able to have a dynamic meta description for your blog home page. Now days everyone using blogger custom templates and one thing should be remember that sometime these meta description will not work as well and you will not be able to see the meta description for home page while if  you check them in page view source file.

So to overcome this problem you will have to insert some piece of code in your blogger template.
  • Go to Blogger dashboard:
  • Template>>Edit>>html:
  • Find <head> tag and insert the given code just after <head> tag. or before
    <b:skin><![CDATA[ this tages

    <b:if cond='data:blog.url != data:blog.homepageUrl'> <b:if cond='data:blog.pageType != &quot;item&quot;'> <b:if cond='data:blog.metaDescription != &quot;&quot;'>
      <meta expr:content='data:blog.metaDescription' name='description'/>
    </b:if> </b:if>
  • Now you have done save your custom template and come back to the home page and this time you will able to see the home page meta description in page views source file.

How to Enable Meta Description for blogger Each post

In the above tutorial you have already familiar with the concept of how to add meta description for home page. Now in this section we will discuss how to add meta description for each individual post. by adding the meta description for home page now we have automatically an additional feature inside blogger post.

Now whenever you write your new post just inside blogger post editor you will see the search description box at right side. Now make it habit forever whenever goes to publish new post write upto 145 characters description inside this search description box. Use our PBT counter tools for post meta description.

Adding Meta description for blogger each post

  • Go to write new post
  • Look at the right side 

Now you have observed that at inside post editor at the right side you can see the search description and you can easily add meta description for each of your's blog new post.

Alert All Bloggers: By adding the description to each of your new post just remember that your meta description should be different then post title and having keywords from your blog post contents means having a brief summary about your post.
i have personaly implemented this on my blog and it has dramatically increased my blog traffics test yourself.


  1. Nice Post!
    But i have a doubt that will google ignore me if i exceed more than 145characters in post description...

  2. `When i inserted drop-down-menubar in my header..
    when i hover on a link in menubar it shows only half of the categories...half of categories are hidden..
    i think there is a problem with maxwigets header!

    is it correct?
    Are these values correct?

    div id='header-wrapper'
    b:section class='header' id='header' maxwidgets='3' showaddelement='no'
    b:widget id='Header1' locked='true' title='Header (Header)' type='Header'

    And i want to add gadgets in header..
    is it possible?

    Please check this and reply,
    Will wait for your reply,

  3. @Azeem
    Bro if you exceed the limit mean more than 145 characters then it will surely effected your blog SEO.. you may find the exact answer of this question in my seo book..

    it is possible to add gadgets in header area we will soon publish post on this topic...

  4. Very nice post but i see on other blogs that their is no <b:if tag at the last highlighted in green. One more question is their is any way to add keywords to all posts automatically?

  5. @ Souno

    You are right that why we use the last because by adding this it will not show the duplicate description on every single page. it will only show once.

    open your post and then click on page view source file then you will understand. you will be able to see only one description line.

    But if you are not using it then it will show a duplicate description lines.

  6. Helpful tips. Thank you so much.

  7. Thanks for this wonderful information. But i have a problem, there is no 'search description' option in post editor.
    and when i am sharing my blog link on facebook i got always same description, and when i search '' in google then some of post have their own discretion but some of them have same (You can check it by searching '' in google).
    PLZ help me, i know you can help me..... WHAT SHOULD I DO.

  8. Join Me at facebook i will make Everythings perfect. Our team will customize your blog for meta description just do thats.

    Join fb on.

    1. Sorry for late reply. i am really very tired of meta description and Google page rank of my blog. i really don't know what is going with my blog. When i am searching '' in Google then the first result is my home page and next all the other search result is from other sites, no one post is showing in result from my blog. And when i am searching your site '' then the first result is your home page and all the other result is your post page from your site.

      In webmaster i have submit '/atom.xml' sitemap and it is showing that all 26 links has been listed.

      My many of post have same description(home page description), some of them have their own description(right description) and some of them have mixed description(like Google is making description from taking some parts from many other post description, i mean mix-up some description together).

      It's being 2 month to publish my blog and there's no page rank, showing page rank N/A.

      I am sending you friend request on facebook as 'NISHANT BHAKTA'. PLZ help me.

    2. It will take some time to resolve your problem. its not a big issue. wait for sometime.

  9. I have almost 1000 posts, and eally wouldnt want to go in each one to update the search description. Is there anyway to do this in an easier way?

    1. If you have a time then must do that it will rank higher in search engine.

  10. I did not find the article described

  11. Hey i don't have search description in my blogger? where do i find it. Should i enable some extra feature or what

  12. Nice Post brother. I Have heard about adding meta description in blog post but didn' t know how to apply this setting and how much words should i use. This post help me a lot. Thanks. You can also vist my blog

  13. Hi,Hafeez.It Is nice post,But I have a problem ,when I search for my site posts in google it only show blog description everywhere and does not post description in search.Tell me how to correct it wallscover it is my site name....

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  15. This is not working my site please help me out

  16. thanks this post help me......! :)

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  18. Thanks for this awesome article. It helped me alot.
    You helped solve my blog description problem just in a matter of a few seconds.
    Thanks buddy.
    Visit my website : TechBolt.Net

  19. Hi, I tried to do it many times and each time, my excerpts (read more hack) disappear and when I disable the meta description options, my excerpts reappear. I search the net to find an answer, but I have found nothing. Please help me, I am desperate. Thank you!

  20. Nice post by bloggingjunction…..

    jaysukh patel recently posted : how to add postdiscription in each blog post for blogger, WordPress and Website

  21. This is what i was looking for when wanted to see my meta nothing appears now i just fixed with this information. Thanks

  22. Bro i am confused bcz i am do enable separate home pages description,keywords through online meta tags generator tool....and default blogger template are necessary add dynamic meta codes??for separate post description and home pages description???what is right method bcz iam beginner ..
    in my blog home pages description appears 4 time and post description 2 time..what is correct method to insert codes >>>HTML>>after head section .and check my blog...
    to help me plzzzzzz
    kaisy correct kro???????????

  23. It worked correctly but after doing this MOZ says multiple meta content found in blog post page....

  24. I had added meta description but after post indexing search description is not coming below the post in search engine..

  25. Ooh nice article, almost every thing covers, but most important, newbie does not understand many times, , so here i'm also post on this topic with pictures and video tutorials, of how to add a meta tag description into blogger blogs.


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