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Why to Join Google Site friends connects widgets in Blogger

Sometimes You might get interested in searching for new post to your blogger blog. There are out of thousands bloggers spread their idealogys information about blogging, hacking, designing and many mores on theirs blogger blogs. Even millions of posts published daily by pro bloggers but we have never attention to be intouch with them and become lazy bloggers which in results our blogging passions gone to destroy day and day and at last it becomes so hard and will feel like that we are climbing on mount everest.Thus the same person will say some words that Blogging is not an easier job and failed. No its wrong because we hear and it is proved that every thing in the begining need some ideas, thought and  plans to start. If you have no ideas and no feature plan for your career you will not success not only in blogging but in every field of your life.

So this was little about message to newbie and new bloggers that there is nothing to be impossible in the world if you do a little hard work

Why Join Google Site Friends Connect widgets ?

 In today post i have brought to you google site connects widgets thats will really help you alot we have observed that many bloggers ignore to like this community but the interesting thing is that when ever you like someone's blog through this widgets it will be automatically informed however while you are working in blogger dashboard and you will see all the recent new post published by the Author of thats blog in your blogger account

Most Faster than Feedburner To Inform

Mostly we worked in blogger dashboard to customize our blog or write new post and then we do not have much time to check our gmail account weather someone's have publish new post or not if we subscribed theirs blog by  feedburner then you will must check your account. To overcome this problem simply like the google site connect widget and get update on you blogger dashboard

Easy to join and get easiy to Update

Now you can easily get the chance to be the first commentor on any blog once you like thats by GSCW (" Google Site Connect Widget "). For example you wish to become first commentor on my new post then simply join this. You can apply this method and can reach on any biggest blog site be the first and throw the comments.

Easy to collect the attention of thousands visitors

Now see this tricks you can get the attention of thousands of people and they will land on your blog just do this >>> subscribed to any popular blog like Probloggermybloggertricks, mybloggerlab through GSCW and get some backlinks from there.

How to join Google site connects widgets

See the screen shots given below and follow this way:
Look at the bottom of my site you will see and join:

Next after clicking on Join this site:

After this you have done:

Now see the latest post in blogger dashboard:

  • Now you have analyzed that can you easily spread you site by this little trick.
  • It is the best trick to get unlimimted visitors in one day once new post published
  • We have struggle alot to make this post but if you have any question feel free to ask
  • If you really like our post then do,not forget to join our community, facebook, google site, twiter


  1. Ankit: How do you write new post, how to analayze and how to choose your topic please explain me..

  2. @ Ankit well you know that everyone has his own thoughts, ideas but let me tell my own experiance that how i choose post.....

    1: mosty i check and looks to all the corners of my blog like sidebar, header,footer,post area,navigations, Now look at your blog these sections,,And you know that in every section you will find alot for example in sidebar you will finds alot of things like sharing widgets,Adsense,facbook plugins,popular post all these things analize your thought and you can easily pick one and write descriptive post about thats.......

    last night i was looking on my blog and see the google site connect widgets then in movement i start post on its.....

    2: Visit popular site and in archive pick up their old popular post which make some sense and wirtes on it.

    3: Analyze your thought and write on any things about blogging..i mostly spend 2-3 hours when to write new posts..

    4: Important Try to create your own because older post have already in search engine while typing any things you will finds 10-20 title about that post in search engine..So try to bring sometings unique. Google crawler like it and will drive your traffics

    @ankit your comment was by chance deleted due to my customization of avatar image, thankkss

  3. Thanks a lot dear for your support. Your tips and suggestions are really good. I always try to post something unique but at this stage I have not enough knowledge to write. I am working hard for my blogging career. May god bless you and me also :p

  4. i have tried to use this widget but it looks like it is gone and i cant join any popular site.
    is there a way to get all the benefits with Google site connect with there new services


  5. Thanks For Sharing This Website. Really Thanks For This Post.



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