Monday, 11 February 2013

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Online Tools to Copy Text from images

Sometime we need to copy text from image but its really worried about that how to copy and extracts text from images. It becomes very difficult when there is need to be copy thousand of words from images to documents file or any other format, however we can do it manually if there is few lines text but what if the image is full of your needy texts then how could you do this in a seconds.  The solution is so simple dont tense about it. I deeply re-searched about it and find that there is only two easiest way though which you can easily pick up your texts from images with no time.The first method is to use software its not be difficult just enter these words in search engine OCR "Optical character Recognition software" download this and install
on your pc and then copy your text by using this software.But sometimes its so hard and become lack of time to get this software free and registered version to get ride of this and in the second method we will share with you some amazing  OnlineTools which will surely help by coping your text from images

How to copy text form image

Lets take a look here is the list of all those sites which provides OCR facilites and will surely extract your text, words in a seconds online.


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