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Online Characters Count Tool For Post Title and Meta Description

Seo Friendly Post title
Every blogger know that Post Title and Meta Description both play a vital role in the Eyes of SEO. Post title and Meta description will surely make your blog more SEO friendly if you write them in proper way, what does it mean? You might have observed that now a days when we search any topics in google search engine it gives us about 10 to 8 results on first page, and mostly we click on those titles which fulfilled our required. Same as if you want to make your post title and Meta description eye catchy for everyone then you will bring a little change in post title and meta description whenever to write them .

How to write seo friendly post title

Its more important and i urge you that your post title should not be exceeded 66 characters to get illustrative result in search engine while if it exceeded the target then your blog title will be seen broken in search engine.

  • Post title within limit 66 characters view

  • Post title exceeding limit 66 characters view

How to write seo friendly Blog/Post Description

Again i would strongly recommended for better view and seo friendly blog/post description meta description should not be exceeded 145 character. To exceed the limilt you will get broken in search engine.
  • Blog Description within limit 145 characters

  • Blog Description exceeding limit 145 characters

Now you can clearly see the above results where post title written within the limits of 66 characters are not broken and well result while exceeding limits it becomes unaffected. same as the description you written in 145 characters has better view and while exceeding the limit than some texts appear broken in search result.

Write your post/Description Attractive

Whenever goes to write blog description/ post description and Post title than write them in required limits to attract more and more traffics to your blog.

Now to count your characters for specific task mentioned above use the PBT count character tools below. Remember this tool will include to your counting numbers, letters, spaces etc.
  • Counter tool for Post Title

                Enjoy it

    characters remaining.
  • Counter tool for Blog Description

                Enjoy it

    character remaining.
                                  IF you have any query then feel free to Ask


  1. Very useful info buddy. I am keen to know how you put this character counter into your blog post? Please tell me.

  2. @Ankit
    Bro basically this tool has been created in javascript code i made quite changes inside the code and put directly in my post. leave comments to know more...

  3. Can you please provide me the resource where you get this JavaScript code?

  4. How sweet of you yaar....
    Please come on facebook... fb/ankitsingla48

  5. Yes why not i will share the counter tools codes please give me your email id...

  6. very interesting that helps many SEO Experts.............and other also..................

  7. @Counter

    Thanks bro nice site for webmasters.

  8. Nice share for blogger users. However, self hosted wordpress blog already contains lots of seo plugin which counts number of characters in meta description and also in title.

    You are doing exceptionally well. Good luck

    1. Thanks Ravi Brother for liking our hard effort.

  9. Very Nice Post Bro Keep It Up You Are Doing Hard Work For Your Blog

    1. Thanks Abdul Bro for your hard appreciation cheers up.

  10. Hafeez please email me the code of the above two count tools


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