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How to Choose Domain Name for Your Blog

Choosing right domain is the key to success for every blogger. Every new blogger when come to decide to pick a good domain name for website then its becomes very difficult and challenging when there are so many best domain names already exists and they and taken by web gurus. So if you are new to internet world and hunger for choosing the domain then follow our tips and will probably help you, i am not sure that it will complete all your criteria but it will absalutly analize your thought and will be able to find its quickly. Remember these points mentioned below & try your self...

Domain Must Describe Your Blog

When visitors landing on your blog they will read your blog title, address, if your domain describe the whole blog then visitor will easily understad whats the blog about and will become easy to remember. So pick domain thats relate to your blog.

There Should Be Keywords in Domain Name

There should be keywords in your domain name try to add more important keywords in your blog it is a good practice because when people search your blog from search enginge but if they want to re visit your blog if your blog title and name match with domain name then it would be better and resgister such type of domain but its so hardy work try try again to get your exact domain. but if your domain name does not meet with your blog keywords then you may loss some visitors specially from search engine.

Search for Popular Domain Name

It is very very intersting because in this way you can easily collect the attention of millions of people and they will visits your blog without by any external links or vidoes tutorials but specially from search engine. Choosing a popular blog similar domain name in your niche. For example if you niche is blogging or then there is blog we say now you to recustomize it by adding or subtracting keywords so now you have problogggertricks or this way visitors can see your blog below the popular  blog and will must visit your blog.

Try To Short and Avoid Hyphens

Always try to be short your domain because it can easily remembered.. But i would strongly recommended to you never use hyphens - or numerical value in your domain it can be effected for example if you use hyphens like this and then it should be difficult to remember with hyphens always be try to get good domain name without hyphens numericals value like it is way to rank your blog in searh engine.

Choose a .com Domain Name

.com has high priority then all others first try to deal with .com but if does,nt available then goes for .net or org.

Google Analytical Tools Helper

So it is very difficult to get a good domain name while searching and wasting your time in searching but there is a great and amazing online tools that will help you and by which you can get easily domain name with your keywords. Go to google analytical tools type your keywords it will show all the words related to your blog now choose that one which has high rank in search must helped you and will give you thousnads of keywords if you have no idea about keywords thats meet your blog.

Online Tools For Checking Domain

Hare is the list of website through which you can easily type and see the result weather this domain exist or not. Domainr , GoDaddy, Centralops ,Whois


  1. Thanks, I took your advice and looked in the domain name list at and I found myself a jewel!

  2. Thanks for your appreciations. keep in touch

  3. Well ! A perfect domain name is more essential for the website.

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    3. It should be impressive.

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  4. Steps of website creation begin from the choice of domain name that defines your business entity online. Therefore it is important to choose right domain name . While making a choice, give preference to short, precise and product specified name that matches with your business niche. Try to avoid, hypes or symbols as they make them very complex to read and remember.


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