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Custom Robots Header Tags For Blogger

All old bloggers are alerted that few months ago google change the interface of blogger with new one and including new crawalers and indexing functions specials for SEO to increase the popularity of blogger platform. We see that most of the bloggers uses blogger platform but they do not know about the new features which provides amazing indexing functions and tools specials for seo that is called "Search Prefrences" which consist of several parts but here we only need to enable "custom robots header tags" which will help to make our blog more seo friendly. So in this artical i will show
you how to enable custom robots header tags but be careful while doing any changes because it may be proved dangerous for google crawlers in result however it may not index your blog post if you do somthing wrong.

Custom Robots.txt file For Blogger

How To Enable Robots Header Tags In Blogger

In order to know how to enable this feature in blogger lets see the following steps mentioned below with screen shots and then discuss each one with detail:
Go To Blogger Dashboard:
Go To Setting>>>Search Prefrences>>>Custom Robots header tags:

Then check all the boxes thats given in the screen shot.

In the screen shot we you see that we checked the necessary options and the rest of other are not important for blogger blog. You see that we have only checked tha options All & Noodp for home page. next we have checked the options Noindex & Noodp for searched pages and blog archive. And the last one we checked All & Noodp for single post. Now it will be discuss one by one that what does it mean:

ALL: This attribute means no restriction for indexing it is always default for all pages. It will crawled and indexed all the contents inside the page.

Noindex: This attribute means not to show this page in search result or in another word we say that it tells the search robots not to index the whole page.

Noffollow: This attribute indicate and tells the crawler robot not to follow any links on this page.

None: This attribute Equilevalent to noindex, nofollow and give signal to robot not to index any page & links

Noarchive: This attribute means not to show "cached" links in search result.

Nosnippet: This attribute means not to show a snippet for this page in search result.

Noodp: This attribut means not to use metadata from the open directory project (dmoz) and do not show title and snippets for this page.

Notranslate: This attribute means not to show translation option in others langauge in search result for this page.

Noimageindex: This attribute means not to index image in search result for this page.

Unavailable_after: This attribute ordered to the search robot not to show this page in search result after specified date/time.

So we have discussed each attribute in detail and checked all the necessary option above in the screen shot. Now go forward and take idea for your blog/website that how to deal with your contents on your blog. As default and i will suggest you to use the above method if you want to increase your traffic on your blog but if there is somthing personal or not to index in search result then you can use the following attributes.

Noindex if your want to hide any page from search engine result. Noemageindex if you want to not show personal or secrets image in searh result. Unavailable_after can be used for specific time and it will be no longer after specifed time and date you can use it for Eid day, happy new years in your post which after some time will be no more.

Analyze Your Thought: Now its all depands upon you whats can be proved best for your blog while using them thinks about your blog what it needs..but for a movement if you only do it for SEO to increase my blog traffic then only checked the above necessary options which show in the screen shots.

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  1. thank you, i love this, i w'll check it right now

  2. @Henry

    Thanks henry really this setting should must do every blogger user for better SEO. we have personally implement this on our blog. thanks to you.

  3. Nice post Hafeez bro Robot header tag is really important in SEO nice sharing with us thanks for apprised us

  4. nice post friend.i want to ask you something.i have a newsblog so i copy articles from others.so i want to ask you whats the best settings for robots header tags

  5. http://jam-softwares.blogspot.com/

  6. i'm going to try this..thanks for the information.. i've thinking of switching over to wordpress

  7. Hello Admin, Recently I have started a new blog on oracle and searching for this settings. Thanks for sharing this info.

  8. I will try this on my DIY Mobile Home Repair page and let you know what happens with my rankings.

  9. Really good info about BlogSpot. I went through your blog and I have completed this section as explained. Such a good and informative things you had shared for us.

    One point I want to noted that; not just because of SEO but there are various plugins in CMS platforms, that make it more professional and user-friendly. However, I find blogger more user-friendly for the non-technical person like me because of these QUICK SEO settings. Thanks for sharing.

    We expecting much for the new and advanced information and thoughts from you. This post is an awesome and great source of information for a newbie.

  10. Sir can u plz tell me one thing how should i settings for robots tags inside post?


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