Thursday, 28 February 2013

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Online Characters Count Tool For Post Title and Meta Description

Seo Friendly Post title
Every blogger know that Post Title and Meta Description both play a vital role in the Eyes of SEO. Post title and Meta description will surely make your blog more SEO friendly if you write them in proper way, what does it mean? You might have observed that now a days when we search any topics in google search engine it gives us about 10 to 8 results on first page, and mostly we click on those titles which fulfilled our required. Same as if you want to make your post title and Meta description eye catchy for everyone then you will bring a little change in post title and meta description whenever to write them .

Sunday, 24 February 2013

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How to Check Your blog Duplicate Contents in blogger/wordpress

Duplicate contents play an important role to destroy your blog ranks as well as have more chances to disable your google adsense account.duplicate contents is the biggest enemy of your blog/website which becomes important factor for SEO. Now google team prepared a sophisticated software that detects all the copycats who copy contents from others and shared on theirs blog/websites. Blogging becomes more and more popular now days    someone working hard while others copying theirs work from their websites as free of cost.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

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How To add Adsense inside Blogger Post

Sometime you must be worried about your less google adsense revenue and try to be the best to increase the revenue but all in vain and can never be successed in such situation. Although we know that google adsense highly revenue mosltly depands upon the SEO of your blog "highly seo rank of your blog better will be the google adsense income" So in today post we will give you some amazing tips through which you can easily increase your google adsense revenue.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

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Why to Join Google Site friends connects widgets in Blogger

Sometimes You might get interested in searching for new post to your blogger blog. There are out of thousands bloggers spread their idealogys information about blogging, hacking, designing and many mores on theirs blogger blogs. Even millions of posts published daily by pro bloggers but we have never attention to be intouch with them and become lazy bloggers which in results our blogging passions gone to destroy day and day and at last it becomes so hard and will feel like that we are climbing on mount everest.Thus the same person will say some words that Blogging is not an easier job and failed. No its wrong because we hear and it is proved that every thing in the begining need some ideas, thought and  plans to start. If you have no ideas and no feature plan for your career you will not success not only in blogging but in every field of your life.

Monday, 18 February 2013

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Best Tips to Reduce Your blog/website Loading Time

Blog loading time is one of the most important factor for SEO and for all webmasters. This is one of the greatest and fastest factor in the Eyes of search engine. If you ignore the blog loading time and dont treat it with the time then you will probably loosing your visitors in short duration which can effects the alexa rank.There is out of thousands sites about blogging but still the problem is halted most of them.Today we see that when we land on any site it takes few seconds to open as whole but here i will give you strict adivise if your blog loading time is more then 6 seconds to open then you will have to do something otherwise you will lose the SEO race.

Monday, 11 February 2013

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Online Tools to Copy Text from images

Sometime we need to copy text from image but its really worried about that how to copy and extracts text from images. It becomes very difficult when there is need to be copy thousand of words from images to documents file or any other format, however we can do it manually if there is few lines text but what if the image is full of your needy texts then how could you do this in a seconds.  The solution is so simple dont tense about it. I deeply re-searched about it and find that there is only two easiest way though which you can easily pick up your texts from images with no time.The first method is to use software its not be difficult just enter these words in search engine OCR "Optical character Recognition software" download this and install

Saturday, 9 February 2013

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How To Create Page on Google Plus

Sometime you might get interested in making pages for your blog and website in different social media networks communities. You will probably know about how to create page on facebook and i think you might have practice on them many times. Now days i get many comments from newbie and then ask about one things'How to Create Page on Google+' So today i will completly guide you how to do this in google plus account. Creating page in google plus account is so easy follow our seteps properly and you will get ammazing page on google+ account. Then you can easily customize it by adding photos, information and many mores...

Friday, 8 February 2013

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Amazing Facebook got Second Rank in the world

You may know that facebook is the largest social media network webste in the world. It was created by "mark zuckerberg" earlier in 2004. By the publishing of this great dynamic website it makes the world rock and gain popularity day and day and becomes 2nd largest social media network website by Alexa. Before facebook no1 was Google search engine 2nd youtube. But now you can easily check the ranks of top 100 website in alexa which will exactly tell you the truth of facebook that it has now gained ranking of youtube and comes to 2nd in Alexa rank. So this was little about facebook and social media network.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

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Best Online Tools to Check website worth and Traffic

Today i will share with you some amazing tools though which you can easily check your website worth, value and see your blog traffic statistics. You might have seen the audience and traffics static bar in blogger dashboard though which you can see the visitors and your blog statistics but i will suggest you that is limited and have no such professional tools which helps us to see our blog alexa rank, domain age, your blog amount, server of the website, hosting data, location your site and many mores. I have tested many online tools that show the  full  information about your blog but be careful most of them are fake and generate fake result while entering your domain can also check in search engine by writing this simple line "How to check website worth" then you will see alot of websites but all they are not real.So today i will share with you real website thats will give you full information about your blog or website lets see how does it work.

Top 5 online tools to check your website worth

Now you can see the links of these website mentioned below. Now how to check your site just open one site and enter your domain name like this then it will show all the history about your blog in a second. .

Tuesday, 5 February 2013

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Custom Robots Header Tags For Blogger

All old bloggers are alerted that few months ago google change the interface of blogger with new one and including new crawalers and indexing functions specials for SEO to increase the popularity of blogger platform. We see that most of the bloggers uses blogger platform but they do not know about the new features which provides amazing indexing functions and tools specials for seo that is called "Search Prefrences" which consist of several parts but here we only need to enable "custom robots header tags" which will help to make our blog more seo friendly. So in this artical i will show

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