Monday, 30 December 2013

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Avail Banner Advertising With Top BuySellAds PRO Publisher Blogs

Avail Banner Advertising with Top BSA Publisher Blog
Yesterday we garbed some inspirational news from BSA, we can't wait anymore and finally we decided, why not to share with you. Like in our previous tutorial in which we covered the topic about how to apply for buysellads to get successful approval. Today we have yet another delicious topic about BuySellAds ( BSA ) which will show some of the most popular PRO publishers Blogs for better advertising banner who are always super hits there in BSA marketplace. NO, doubt BSA is only the golden advertising company both for Advertiser and Publisher which help to let engage both Publisher vs Advertiser at one place. Being a BSA publisher or Advertiser it would always be your dream to know who are the most successful PRO publishers who did a tremendous job at BSA and being added to the WHAT HOT's list category. So, if you are curiously tying to find out who are the current Pro Publishers blogs in BSA marketplace then you have come to the right place. In today's article you will be guided, who are the most top 10 publishers from Buysellads advertising network. Beginner guide to know, how to choose better publisher blogs for advertising your wealthy products.

Saturday, 28 December 2013

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List of top 100+ High PageRank Dofollow CommentLuv Enable Blogs

List of top 100 High PageRank Dofollow CommentLuve Enable Blogs
Why every one is going behind the blogs for commenting  who enabled commentluv system. Is it worthy for blog or website? Does it help in increasing blog traffic? Is this play an important role in  increasing blog page rank, if so why should we not follow bunch of blogs who enabled this splendid features. What we can get from these high PR dofollow commentluv blogs or website. There are many reasons to discuss why most of bloggers have been always habit to cross large-scale destination for leaving valuable comments at commentluv enabled blogs. Because this one of the finest and ethical way to build quality backlinks as well as help in increasing Page rank of the blog. Basically, this features are freely available at WP platform where a user can easily handle to enable commentluv option on his/her website so for the readers to get maximum comments.

Friday, 27 December 2013

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4 Exclusive Places To Promote Your Blog Posts

Possibly you setup your post and are now in worry that how and where to promote it? Then here today in this post I will share all the best exclusive places where Pro Bloggers, promote their articles. Many of my blog readers and friends ask me that in which ways and where they should promote their blog posts to get instant position in SERP. To give them a brief description, i was thinking why not to gifted a detail tutorial about the ways how to promote blog posts in 4 exclusive places. At the movement, I have complied a list of the best places to promote a blog post. You would all be assured that social networking websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more help us in promoting our posts. It might be necessary for those how do not know how to use these social media websites for increasing web page traffic.

Wednesday, 25 December 2013

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Top 20 Professional Bloggers from India of 2014 - (Infographic)

Top 20 Professional Bloggers from India of 2014 - (Infographic)
Online marketing is growing day by day all over the globe. Internet was used only for Entertainment and fun in its early developmental days. However, with the passage of time there was introduced bundles of popular websites based on social media and affiliated markets by talented, skillful webmasters and web programmers. Soon in 21Ist century online marketing was increased dramatically in all over the world & now it was known to every teenager & youngster by the name of Blogging. Now the handsome word Blogging is loudly proud by most of bloggers from special countries like Pakistan, India, UK and USA.

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

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How to Stop Specific Posts from Indexing in Blogger

How to Stop Specific Posts from Indexing in Blogger
Sometime you must be worried about how to de-index or stop search engines crawling for certain posts in blogger blog. Though it does not much difficult even for a non-expert blogspot user to prevent a selected posts from crawling or being stopped from indexing. This is one of the common issue happened with many bloggers, when they publish articles blindly in past without applying the proper SEO techniques and desired only for updating the blog. After a month, When they see a biggest lost in organic traffic, most of them go back and re-edited the previous posts by making them no-follow for robots. Indeed this could be save your blog life because this is one of the ethical and white hat SEO technique when do to stop all the unoptimized seo posts from crawling and indexing.

Saturday, 21 December 2013

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10 Premium Blogger Templates of 2014 - Gorgeous Collection

10 Premium Blogger Templates of 2014 - Gorgeous Collection
Today we are going to release a splendid collection of blogger templates which will truly bring awesomeness in your blogger blog. We know there are more than ten billions templates available for blogspot platform out there. However its hard and may take your precious time to find the best and premium ones. To save your time, Since couple of the day we have been searching in google and today finally we have compiled a list of  top gorgeous blogspot templates collected from various blogger templates websites. So if you are bored with your current template then here is a free hands choice for you to turn your theme by premium ones. Recently one of our readers asked me, what will be the best and top collection of premium blogger templates in coming year 2014. So in today's article we will share with you the top 10 most popular paid & free premium blogger templates which you have never been seen on the web.

Friday, 6 December 2013

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How to Add Social Sharing Button in Blogger Blog

adding social sharing buttons
Have you ever visited website? Almost all the time we share our posts immediately after publishing new post at probloggertricks. is the newly born social bookmarking website helps bloggers to share their posts with billions of internet lovers. becomes so popular which is counted in the top 5 social bookmarking websites. Another interesting thing we found on this website is really helpful for both bloggers and webmasters. This social bookmarking website gives us dofollow backlinks whenever we share a post. Apart from this, this site could also be helped in increasing the post crawling and indexing rates. We have experienced so many times and finally concluded, that is the splendid place for bloggers to share posts with friends and get back with quality backlinks. So it will be better to stop sharing at nonsense websites and choose the right one like Scoop.It. Recently one of our readers have asked me, Is there any Social Bookmarking website button to add in blog which could help in increasing posts indexing and sharing growth. So in this article i would like to show you, how to add bookmarking buttons in blogger blog.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

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How to Add Instant Domain Search Widget in Blogger

Add Instant Domain Search Widget in Blogger
How to get domain name instantly on the web, when you are busy in blogging activities. Is there any tool or website which could help us to solve this problem. Couple of hours before, i was searching in google for free online domain tools by which we could easily find out the registered and available domain names. Meanwhile i have found the exact tutorial on supportivehands which i am going to share with you. Lets move to the main topic. What is Instant Domain Search Service? Let me explain, Instant domain search is also defined by its name which clearly mean that Search for Domain Name In no Time. It is an online tool or website which has  cool prominent features help in searching domain names as well as also telling the current domain name condition whether it has been taken or available to purchase. It concluded, that the awesomeness thing we found on this service could help in searching instant domain name. Yesterday, one of our users asked me, Is there any domain service tool which provides widget to embed in the blog or website, So that a reader could check domain name instantly. So as in today's article i will show you, how to add free instant domain search widget in your blogger blog.

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

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Top 12 Awesome Google Offices of the World

Top 12 Awesome Google Offices of the World
Being a google lover, have you ever seen the most inspirational google offices in the world. If someone asks you, who are the most luxurious google offices from different cities in the world. Don't worry if you have never toured all these google official offices then you have come at the right place to visit all of them with the help of screenshots. We have captured  all the extremely designed offices which we found originally from google map. All these offices are located from different cities which show excellent overview to the world. Our editorial team included only the top most popular google offices which are somewhere mentioned by Hongkiate website. Yesterday one of our users asked me, what are the top professional google offices in the world. So in today's article i will show you 12 awesome google offices from different cities of the world.

Monday, 2 December 2013

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Small SEO Tools Review - Ultimate SEO Checker Tools for Your Blog

Small SEO Tools Review
What you derived from the title of this post? Most of you will confused to see the post title into two parts. The first piece of the title show the Review of the Small SEO Tools website which is obviously all about SEO performance tools while the second part indicates that the website is fully guided with large number of all popular SEO tools almost used by every blogger and webmaster. It is indeed a very tough job a specially for bloggers when they test their blog by online SEO tools hosted on different websites. Let me clear, If someone wants to check the page rank of the blog, he/she will must find out in google the related tool. however if they want to calculate their blog links or checking blog loading time, they will not find all these activities checker tools on the same website and will have to search anywhere else on the Internet. While Repeating this process could consume your energy and all your precious time. So i was thinking why not share an excellent website provides bundles of SEO Checker tools all in one.

Sunday, 1 December 2013

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2 Excellent Websites To Check Your Blog Loading Time

2 Excellent Websites To Check Your Blog Loading Time
The foremost job to do after designing your blog is to check its loading time. No doubt blog loading time play a vital role in Search Engine Results. It is obviously an important SEO factor for any blog or website. Recently we got precious recommendations from Google webmaster team which shows, that they will start ranking of the blogs based on their loading time. So it concluded, that now google will consider your blog loading timing as one of the major reason in the search engine result. To see this great news about blog loading time i was shocked, at the movement i have removed all the ordinary java script, heavy jquery files, images and other third party widgets from the blog. Now the question arise, how i checked the blog for loading time, when i have removed couple of widgets from the blog. Which tools have helped me in checking my website loading time. So in today's article i will show you the top 2 awesome websites to check your blog loading time instantly. Get all the heavy files used in your blog which have compelled your blog on loading time.

Saturday, 30 November 2013

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How to Withdraw Money From Paypal Account in Pakistan

How to Withdraw Money From Paypal Account in Pakistan
Online marketing grow up day by day in the top developmental counties. Like foreign counties, Pakistan is not left behind in the field of technology and blogging world. A youngest teenager can able to make more than 100 dollar with internet in Pakistan. However there are some issues for all those bloggers how are earning online and belonging to Pakistan.  Pakistan is a single country where there is no strong online payment mechanism or withdraw services. You might know PayPal is one of the finest and real payment processor service used by all over the world but due to certain conditions, unfortunately PayPal could not be easily provided for Pakistani People. And this is one of the biggest problem for all over Pakistani Bloggers and Web designer to how get their money from different online marketing sources.

Friday, 29 November 2013

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How to Delete Blogger Blog Permanently

How to Delete Blogger Blog Permanently
Delete Blogger Blog Permanently
Have you ever tried for an ordinary blogger blog to delete or remove permanently? Have you succeeded in deletion your desire blogger blog? If you have been tried several times and did not get success how to properly remove the blogspot blog completely from your blogger dashboard then here is a complete step by step guide which will show the trick how we can throw the ordinary blog from blogspot dashboard permanently. Sometime you might be get interested to remove all the unwanted blogs from the blogger dashboard and do not want to show them again in your account, in such case most of blogspot users hide their blogs instead of delete it from the dashboard. They actually do not want to know, how to delete the blog from the dashboard and hence they simply hide the selected blogs from the account which is not the perfect way to delete unwanted blog. So in today's article we will guide you, how to delete your blogger blog completely from the blogspot dashboard.

How to Delete Blogger Blog?

How to Delete Blogger Blog Permanently
Blogger is one of the finest blogging platform on the web where a non expert show his ability using its dashboard. Blogger is easy to use and easy to manage that is why we called it perfect platform for newbies. If you are the blogspot user then you probably know, we could create upto 100 blogs per single account. But what to do if we cross the limit and want to create more than 100 blogs. Blogger does not allow us to create more than one hundred blog. So we will remove or delete all the ordinary blogs which we do not want to use for blogging and then we could easily publish extra blogs without any hassle. So here you will learn how we can get rid of ordinary blog by deleting them permanently from the blogger dashboard.

Login To the Blogger Account >>> Click on your desire blog which you want to delete >> Go to Setting >> And then click on Others >> After that you will see three options at the top of the page. 1: Import Blog 2: Export Blog 3: Delete Blog >> Now you will have to click on Delete Blog >> Clicking on this option you will be given another option whether you want to backup your content or to delete the blog along with contents. If you want to delete that without backup then simply click on delete button and then save. Congratulate; you have done almost everything. 

How to Delete Blogger Blog Permanently

Need Help

Hi buddies, this was just a beginner tutorial about deleting blogger blog permanently from the dashboard. Now Blogger gives this privileges to its users to delete all the selected blogs which you do want to show anymore in your account. So i think this was the complete guided article about the issue. If someone face any problem during deleting the blog then kindly do let us know in the below comment area. thanks.

Thursday, 28 November 2013

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How To Check Referral Traffic in Google Analytics

How To Check Referral Traffic in Google AnalyticsWith the introducing of new layout inside google analytic tool a lot of changes occurred and replaced all the search engine and social media options with advance tools. Google officials working constantly on their products to make them better and more user friendly. Recently the interface of google ad words tool has been also changed by Google which becomes now one of the finest keywords tools for bloggers. However, the addition of new prominent functions in google analytic tool, it becomes so complicated for bloggers to use and manage its functionality. In past we could have easily find out to check referral traffic from google analytic to see the traffic statistics. But with the addition of all these additional features, it seems quit difficult for bloggers to check traffic statistic. Yesterday one of our users asked me, how to use google analytic to check referral traffic. So in this article i will guide you, how to check referral traffic in google analytics.

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

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How To Check Blog on Different Devices Screen Resolution

How To Check Blog on Different Devices Screen Resolution
Check Blog on Different Devices Screen Resolutions
After designing blog or website the first thing we need to do is to check the blog layout on different devices screen to know, whether the blog display completely or showing half layout. Most of webmasters often do this mistake when they design a blog and show randomly size looks on different screens. While it is so important for every blogger and webmaster to check his/her blog look on different screen resolutions. If you are curious to know why we need to have specific layout of the blog which display completely on every electronic device? We already know that there are more than hundred devices used for accessing Internet. All of them have different screens resolution e.g Laptop have different style screen than PC computer same in the case most of people using Ipad and Iphone which have its own screen resolution.

Monday, 25 November 2013

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7 Top Best Designs Themes for an Ecommerce Websites

7 Top Best Designs Themes for an Ecommerce Website
Ecommerce stores are a find for any business that has products to sell. Unlike brick-and-mortar stores, they don’t limit you to the local customers only, while the initial and maintenance costs are so much lower.When you open an actual store, you do your best to make it attractive and pleasant for the customers to shop in. You carefully design the interiors, the signboard, the shop window. E-stores require the same attention when it comes to the design, because your website has to really stand out from the crowd to attract customers. But the good thing is that with an online store you can design it beautifully for less than a hundred dollars, and spend only a day or two setting it up. So in this article, we will show you the top 7 best design themes for eCommerce websites of the year 2013.

Thursday, 21 November 2013

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5 Top Image Creation Tools Recommended by Pro Bloggers

5 Top Image Creation Tools
Being a Blogger, why not to take couple of minutes on the most popular top 5 image creation tools all the time blockbuster. If you remembered, In our earlier posts we have shared a complete long tail tutorials on various online tools by the request of PBT readers, which you could easily get all those tutorials by visiting online tools. Today we have yet another top five most usable images/photos creation tools every bloggers must have. Here the word "tools" also referred by website. So it give a complete sense, that we are actually talking about the most popular and top image editing websites gifted from the Pro Bloggers. In modern era, every single Internet user give more value to online tools by desktop tools. Why ?. Because no one could install dozens of software or tools on PC when he/she can do the same work by online.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

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How to Stop Spam Comments on Blogger ?

How to Stop Spam Comments on Blogger ?
Stop Spam Comments on Blogger
Are you receiving dozens of spam comments on your blogger blog ? If yes, then read this tutorial to get rid of spammers landed on your blog. As usual every blogger and webmaster try to build hard readership with other ones by leaving valuable and quality comments on their blog and websites, which is one of the best and ethical example to make readership. However, most of bloggers special newbies ( new comers ) constantly leaving comments by inserting blog url in the comments body which is not only effected blog SEO but it could also consuming our previous time to delete all those spammer comments.

Newbies are still unaware, and sometime they might be wondered when their comments are deleted or removed before appearing on the blog or website. This all happen just because they always insert blog or post url in the comments body which is not good in the eyes of blog admin and deleted all these spam comments immediately. Recently one of our users asked, How to prevent spam comments on blogger blog except quality comments. So in this article, we will guide you how to stop spam comments on blogger.

Friday, 15 November 2013

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SEO Friendly Search Preferences Setting in Blogger

Search Preferences Setting in Blogger
Search Preferences Setting inside Blogger
Being a blogger user, The foremost job to do inside blogger dashboard is to customize search preferences setting according to well optimized search engine crawler. Blogger itself does not provide anything SEO ready for its users like Wordpress. However it allow users to make the blogger interface internally SEO friendly for robots. You might know we have some limited rights inside blogger dashboard that we make perfect and SEO friendly for all popular search engines which is called Search Preferences (SP). Search Preferences provides several options with the help of which we could control the overall structure of blogger blog. This feature makes the blogger more SEO friendly in the eyes of Search Engine.  If you are the regular PBT reader, then you might know that previously we have shared a splendid tutorial about custom robots header tag in blogger blog which is also one of the child option of search preferences. So in today article we will guide you, How to do SEO Friendly Search Preferences Setting Inside Blogger Blog.

Thursday, 14 November 2013

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How to Get PublicityClerks Approval for Your Blog

How to Get PublicityClerks Approval for Your Blog ?
Indeed PublicityClerks is the best alternative to BuySellads network. PublicityClerks becomes the most popular direct advertisement network for bloggers. It connects advertiser and publisher at one place to sell and buy ads directly. The same work also done by buysellads but approving blog for buyellads is the hardest job. No one could be easily become buysellads publisher. So, i have brought this tutorial for bloggers who are frequently rejected by buysellads and other advertisement programs. To let you know, i have also been rejected twice by BSA and later on i finally got approved by PublicityClerks, which make me happy and has given me a lot of money. I know there will be thousands of bloggers like me, who are disappointed by direct advertisement network like BSA and Tribal Fusion. But they are still not aware of PublicityClerks network which is also one of the best among direct advertisement networks. So in today article, we will guide you, how to get Publicity Clerks Approval for your blog or website instantly.

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

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How to Stop Tagging on Facebook Timeline Permanently

How to Stop Tagging on Facebook Timeline Permanently
Stop Tagging on Facebook Timeline
Are you tired of getting too much photos and posts, tagged by your friends on facebook timeline wall. Facebook is without doubt the most popular social media home on the web. It has more prominent features than all of other networks. Recently one of the best additional feature included in facebook database which allow users to tag photos with your friends called tagging. I know most of facebook lovers already aware with tagging. It is indeed an excellent feature provided by Facebook developers but sometimes tagging become headache and annoying people, when someone tagged you again and again different posts and photo without your permission. Apart from this, Tagging can also be proved danger for your facebook account and it could be disabled anytime without sending you bane notification, Those who are frequently tagged by you, if they report to Facebook administrator, you will be easily penalized by banning your entire Facebook account.

Monday, 11 November 2013

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13 Top New Professional Blogger Templates - 2013 Collection

Professional Blogger Templates
Professional Blogger Templates
Today i have compiled a list of best new branded and 13 top new professional blogger templates which i have collected from various professional blogger themes websites. Previously we have shared a long tail tutorial on 5 professional blogger templates which was well appreciated by our readers and friends. Today we have yet another best collection of the top professional and SEO optimized blogger templates, which will be probably liked by all blogspot lovers. Since from the couple of days many of our readers have asked from our editorial team to release new collection of blogger templates for us. So after a long time today i have come again with best and splendid collection of blogger templates, So as in today article, i will present you stylish top 10 professional blogger templates for Blogspot Blog. Make sure most of these templates are linked from external websites. You will be redirected automatically while downloading them.

Sunday, 10 November 2013

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How to Add Two Columns Footer Widget To Blogger ?

How to Add Two Columns Footer Widget To Blogger
Are you using default blogger template or custom template, Sometime you must be worried about the blogger footer widget. As usual we see that most of bloggers show only three columns widget below footer area of the blog. Most of tech blogs showing two columns widget and other multiple. What to do if we want to show only two column widget inside blogger. Google official says that blogger is the only platform which allow users to customize every single part of its layout interface. So it concluded that we could easily customized, added and remove widget inside blogger template without any hassle. Yesterday one of our users have requested how to add two column widget in blogger blog. So in today article you will guide you, how to add two columns footer widget in blogspot template to make the footer designing stylishly.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

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Top 5 Best Mozilla Firefox Addons Of 2013

Top 5 Best Mozilla Firefox Addons Of 2013
If you are curious to know more about the 5 top handy mozilla Firefox add-ons then you have come on the right place. All the internet savvy and webmaster have strongly voiced that Mozilla is the second largest internet browser after google chrome. It does not only access faster browsing speed but it could also provides the best and splendid addons for Firefox users to make their work more faster and easy. Whether you are using Mozilla or chrome you might have heard some of the most popular Mozilla Firefox addons, but you will not aware of these great Mozilla Firefox addons tools that which we are presenting today special for web designers and Mozilla users. So in this article, i will show you the top 5 great mozilla addons of the year 2013 which you have never seen before in the blogosphere.

Monday, 4 November 2013

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Top Best Domain Age Checker Tools

Domain Age Checker Tool
Today we are going to show you the top 5 best free domain age checker tools which would tell you the exact and accurate domain registration date. Sometime we are so worried to know about the blog domain registration date, but could not find it easily to know on which day we have been registered the domain name, So to know that exact day of your domain registration date you will have to visit some of the below best domain age checker websites collection. One of our users have asked how we can find out the registration date of our domain name. We have also bundles of comments from reader, asking for one thing, how to check or how to know the domain name age instantly. So in today article we will guide you with best practice to show you the Top Best Free Domain age checker tools of 2013.

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

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How to Stop Tracking or Disable Your own Pageviews in Blogger

Stop Tracking Your Own pageviews in Blogger
Today we are going to discuss how to stop your own pageviews in blogspot blog. Obviously every blogspot user deeply know about blogger dashboard but there are still some of the new additional features which many of you might have seen. blogger provides built-in splendid analytic tool which show or tell the result of your pageviews. In other words we can say, it is a monitoring tool which calculate the visitors states pageviews and showing popular posts rank. But be aware, blogger built-in monitoring tools is not so well and does not give the accurate pageviews number however if we do some serious modification inside the blogger dashboard then we can get the exact number of visitors pageviews. Yesterday one of our users requested how to stop tracking  the own pageviews in blogger dashboard. So in today article you will be guided, How to Disable or Stop Tracking Your own page views in Blogger blog.

Saturday, 26 October 2013

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How To Show Read More Link in Feedburner Feeds from Blogspot ?

Display Jump Break inside Feedburner feed
Do you want to show the read more button inside the Rss feed or Google feed burner. Have you ever seen or tried to display the read more link in feedburner feed. We have received dozens of email request from visitors, most of them saying "readmore link does not work in feed burner" while other say how to enable read more from blogger setting. So all these question have the same meaning, readmore link is a button which display small portion of posts on blog homepage. The visitors will be unable to read your post until they click on readmore link. The whole post will display when he/she clicks on readmore button. So this was one of the common issue from feedburner that why readmore button does not work RSS Feeds. So in today article we will guide you, how to show readmore link inside feed burner feeds.

Friday, 25 October 2013

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How to Add Stylish Keyboard Keys in Blogger Posts ?

Stylish Blogger Keyboard Keys
Today we are going to release splendid amazing Css keyboard keys to add in your blogger posts. These Css keys will bring more beauty in your blogger posts and will make your blog more designable. We are now alerted all blogspot users, they can show stylishly Keyboard keys instead of any selective text. These keys are solely developed in CSS3 to design and have not used any image or photo, so that not to increase the blog loading time. So If you are the true lover of PBT then you might be familiar that recently we have shared detailed tutorial about Blogger Fancy Social Sharing gadget and today we have yet another this splendid tutorial to show you with the complete guide.So in this article we will guide you, How to add stylish CSS3 keyboard keys in blogger post to make it designable.

Thursday, 24 October 2013

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How To Add Facebook Like Box without Border in Blogger ?

Add Facebook Like Box without Border in Blogger
Adding Facebook Box without border in blogger bring beauty and make the blog more designable. If you remember previously we have shared a detailed tutorial about how to add Stylish facebook like box without border in your blogger blog. That tutorial was limited and work perfectly but with passage of time you might noticed that there are a lot of changes occurred in Mozilla and Chrome and their updated versions do not work support our first tutorial coding. Since from the couple of days we have received bundles of comments on that tutorial from every single user, say only one thing. The Code does not work perfectly and showing Facebook like box borders. So to overcome this problem today we have yet another tutorial which will guide you, how to add facebook like box without borders in blogger or remove border from facebook like box.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

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Fancy Social Sharing Blogger Widget of 2013

Social Sharing widget play important role in increasing blog traffic, as well as increase the visibility of posts rank in SERP. The more we share posts on different social sharing website the higher we will get position in SERP. If you are our regular reader then you might know that earlier we have shared bundles of best collections of blogger social media widgets. All our precious widgets are well appreciated and liked by blogspot users. Today we have yet another splendid fancy social media widget for blogger which was created with great effort by our editorial team. So if you want to bring awesomeness in your blogger blog then you must check out this best fancy blogger widget. So in today article we will show you, The best and fancy social sharing blogger widget of 2013.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

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Excellent Trick how to Apply For BuySellAds and Get Approved

Most of bloggers and webmasters have a dream to become a successful buysellads publisher. They work hard day and night for getting approval by BSA moderators. But let me tell you the fact, getting approval from BSA is not an easier job as you think. You have to do a lot for your blog and make it capable according to BSA terms and conditions before applying to them. Most of bloggers lose their courage when fail or getting disapproved email from BSA administrators. They left blogging and most of them moved to another alternative direct advertisement program. But the reality shows that still there is no competitor of BSA on the web. Now the competition is going hard day by day because BSA receive thousands of websites each single day to get into their marketplace but they approve only those blog which fulfill their approval criteria. So in today article we will show you the excellent tricks, how to apply for BSA and get Approved.

Monday, 21 October 2013

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How To Hide IP address in Android Devices ?

how to hide ip address on your andriod devices
This article will give excellent trick to hide internet protocol address on your android device.Your IP address is what identifies you and your use of the Internet from a certain device. The IP address itself is by no means fool proof, as it can be changed, masked and diverted. In fact, it is possible to access a device in America, and make it appear as if you are accessing the Internet from Moscow. However, some people prefer to hide their IP address because they want to make it harder for hackers, or because they want to do something online that they want to keep private. One of our user requested how to hide IP address on Android devices. So in today article i will show you how to hide Internet Protocol ( IP ) address on android devices.

Saturday, 19 October 2013

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How to Print PDFs from Over 300 Different Windows Formats

PDF Converter
People who frequently send out electronic documents are well acquainted with the Portable Document Format. It is the best format for sending, archiving and printing documents as it retains the original document formatting and allows people to view the file on any computing platform.For people who only need to convert their documents into PDFs occasionally, there are easy online tools that get the job done quickly and free of cost.However, people who spend hours on the computer each day creating charts, reports, presentations, e-books, brochures or images can gain a lot from a powerful desktop virtual printer like the Free PDF Creato. In today article i will show you How to Print PDFs from Over 300 Different Windows Formats style easily.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

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How to Add Signature in v7n Forum to Get Dofollow Backlinks

adding signature in v7n form
Adding signature in dofollow backlinks forms is the foremost job for every blogger and webmaster. Every success blogger want to increase his/her blog reputation in online world. They work hard day and night to increase the number of backlinks flow to theirs blogs or website to get high PR juice. The blog which have more quality backlinks the more PR juice will flow to the blog. So it becomes difficult for a single blog author to handle this work and no one could be easily create bundles of dofollow backlink in a day or month, it require a lot of time to wast in building quality backlinks for the blog. So one our user asked how could we add signature with blog link in popular dofollow backlinks form to get backlinks instantly. So in today article we will show you, How to add signature in v7n forum to get quality dofollow backlinks.

Saturday, 12 October 2013

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How to Change Number of Posts Displayed on Blogger Home Page

Display Number of Posts on Home Page in Blogger
Changing number of posts which display on blogger home page play a vital role in Search Engine Optimization. We should must take cure to select proper number of posts to show on homepage to reduce blog loading time. Because if we did this mistake to show large number of posts on home page in blogger blog then chances are higher that your blog will automatically compel on loading time which will surely discourage our readers, visitors and also great loss in organic traffic. So this concluded that we have to display minimum posts on home page in blogger so that there is no browser loading and get fast access even through poor internet connection. So one of our user have asked how to display specific number of post to display on home page in blogger blog. In today article we will learn how to set specific number of post to display on your blogger homepage.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

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20 Top High PR Free Dofollow Blog Directories of 2013

High PR Free Dofollow Blog Directories
Do you know what is the important and effective ethical way to increase your posts rank in SERP ? well, we all know that there out bundles of technique to handle this job but the most prominent and White hat SEO technique is submitting your blog to top dofollow blog directories to get quality backlinks and excellent ranking in google. In modern ara there are thousands of dofollow blog directories on the web which could help to bring your posts in first position in major search engine results. How these dofollow blog directories work. First we have to find out the most popular and high PR directories website and then get registration to submit our blog or website.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

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How to Embed Facebook Posts Status in Blogger ?

Embed Facebook status Post To Blogger
Facebook developer team included new additional feature in their database algorithm which is called embed post. This splendid feature has been updated in Facebook recently a month ago. how Facebook embed post work and how to use this ?. Facebook Embed post allow us to take or select your desire post from Facebook and insert anywhere in the blog or website. On adding Facebook status post in your blog it will show dynamically and will react same as it was shared on Facebook. Sometime you might be wondering to show the Facebook entertainment activities on your blog or website dynamically for your readers and lovers. So one of our reader asked how to add or display Facebook share posts dynamically along with status in blogger blog. In today article we will show you how to embed Facebook posts status in blogger.

Monday, 30 September 2013

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Top 45+ Most Useful Time Saving WordPress Shortcuts Keys

WordPress Shortcuts Keys
If you are the WordPress user then you might be know that WordPress has its own builten complete keyboard shortcuts. Most of WordPress users spend bundles of hours inside the post editor, dashboard and interface, they handle each of task by using the PC mouse touch-pad or trackball which is totally time consuming. Now WordPress has introduced awesome opportunity they included complete keyboard inside their dashboard gadgetry to make the work more easier and help to save the precious time. All WordPress bloggers should must try to practice on all the provided WordPress shortcuts keys to process their work fast and speedy. So one of our WordPress user have asked, how to use special WordPress shortcut keys for different tasks. So in today article we will show you, The more usable and popular time saving Top wordpress Shortcuts keys

Thursday, 19 September 2013

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5 Note Taking Apps for iPhone and iPad

Note taking apps are popular because they are easy to use and convenient. It is easier to place a note on a mobile device than it is to carry files full of paper around with you all day. If the sheer convenience alone is not enough, there are some on this list that have other features, such as allowing you to save your photographs and videos too. Here are five note taking apps you can use on your iPhone and your iPad. Few days back we have received number of emails from our readers, they have asked what are the top 5 note taking application for Ipad and IPhone device. So in today article we will show you, the 5 most popular Note talking Apps for Your Iphone and Ipad.

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

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How to Add Professional Notification Bar in Blogger Blog ?

Professional Notification Bar for Blogger
Today we are releasing a new fancy style black notification bar for your blogger blog. This notification bar will show your desire post which you want to show up at the top of the blog. However most of bloggers display the hot deals or popular post with the help of this blogger notification. The most big advantage of having notification message at the top of the blog will exist remain even if we grab the mouse down or scrolling up and down. This top righted bar will interact with every page or post. So if you have not yet added a notification bar into blogger then we would recommended to add this simple black color notification bar in your blogger blog. Most of the time i have seen bundles of comments posted by newbies in blogging forum, how could we add a notification message alert bar in blogspot blog. So in today article we will show you, How to add a professional like notification bar in blogger blog. ?

Saturday, 14 September 2013

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How to Add Skype Contact Widget In Blogger

Add Skype Contact widget in blogger blog
All the internet savvy know that Skype is one of the fastest and quick conversion tool ever on the internet. More than ninety five percent people use Skype to communicate with the clients, friends, Relatives and also uses for business purposes. In modern era a lot of educational people take interview by using Skype chat tool, because it has the high priority and quality sound frequency, no scratching the sound data and easily to connect and access throughout globe. So most of the bloggers like you and me also using Skype for quick conversion instead of Facebook and yahoo chat tool. One of our reader have asked the question how could we display a Skype contact widget into blogger blog. So in today article we will show you, How to Add Skype contact widget in Blogger Blog.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

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Fresh Mashable Like Blogger Templates

Mashable Like Blogger Templates
Today we are going to release the splendid mashable like blogger templates. Before going to read this post check our latest Free Premium Blogger Templates. First let me tell something about mashable, since you and all the internet savvy might have seen or visited hindered of times Let me explain what mashable blog is all about ? Mashable is a top American blog updates on daily basis. This blog covers random niches it focuses on social medias, technology, Android applications, business and Tech news. Mashable is one of the leading website it Alexa rank is 284K and billions of page views per month. In one of our latest post we have also discussed mashable, which was listed in The Top 5 Adsense Earners. Since from long time many of our readers have asked the question, How can we get mashable like blogger template for free. So in today article we will show you, The Top 3 fresh Mashable like premium blogger templates adopted from WordPress blog.  

Mashable Blogger Templates

Are you interested to download mashable similar blog in the face of blogspot theme if yes then you have come on the right place. Before going to download these templates you must be remember some key points. Always remain the credit link which goes to the original template owner. Such templates are developed by Pro Bloggers and webmaster, so make sure you must give credit to theirs blog or authority. There are no more hard rules to download the template, You can easily download these mashable like blogspot templates from PBT in free of cost. To download check the below list pick up the suitable template for your blog.

New Mashable free blogger Template

New Mashable is clean smooth and high professionalism blogger template developed by btemplates. This is free and SEO optimized blogspot template adopted from wordpress to blogspot theme with great effort. A fastest loading and classic design template for blogspot user. To download this theme click the below link.

Mashable Like Blogger Templates

Mashable Classic Template

Mashable classic is yet another more similar blogger template which is totally converted from WordPress theme to blogger template. We have personally checked this template in one of previous blog. SEO friendly Clean premium blogger template. If you have blog about technology niches then this template would be the best choice.

Mashable Like Blogger Templates

Mashable Blogger Template

This one is the splendid and Similar look like Mashable template. A slick top navbar menu and professional wordpress like subscription box. It also holded a nice collection of social bookmarking websites buttons at the top of each post where you can easily publish your posts on different social sharing websites. A perfect designable and fastest loading template adopted form WP theme.

Mashable Like Blogger Templates

We hope you would like these templates for your blogger blog. If anyone face any problem in downloading or in implementation then you can free feel to ask in the blow comment sections. Previously we have shared a lot of tutorial on premium blogger templates if you wish to know out templates gadget inventory then click on blogger templates.

Saturday, 7 September 2013

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5 Top Highest Adsense Earners In the World

Top Highest Adsense Earners
Today we a have list of the top five highest Google adsense earner of the world in 2013. We all know that Google adsense is the most popular advertisement program leads by Google Inc. In modern era there are out of billions of blogging users approved their blog by Google adsense. Most of them earn handsome money within a day, while some of them earning within an hours depends upon the their blog traffic statistics. So basically Google adsense is an advertisement program which place ads on approval blog and show the advertiser banners. In this way anyone can earn upto billions of dollars from his/her blogging room. So one of our reader have asked the question, who is the most popular Google adsense earner in the world. To be the best reply i was thinking why not share a complete detailed tutorial on these top 5 adsense earner of the world. So in this article we will show you, 5 Top adsense earner in the world of 2013.

Monday, 2 September 2013

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How to Show Specific Number of Posts per Label in Blogger

Display Number of Post per Label in blogger
This post will be all about how can we customize blogger label to show minimum or maximum posts per label. Sometime you might be get in trouble whenever need to show number of selected posts by single label in blogger blog. There are a lot of factors effected when we want to display more posts per label. In this way our blog could be easily compel on loading time in result we will lose massive traffic from search engine. So be default all custom and blogger templates are showing all the posts which accommodated by a single label that we have assigned to it. So in short i would say whenever we click on a label in blogger template it show mostly up-to 20 posts or in somewhere you will see less than twenty posts. So to reduce the number of posts on per label inside the blogger template we will use a piece of chunk code which will display specific number of posts which we assign to it. So in today article, we will show you how to display specific number of posts per label in blogger blog.

Sunday, 1 September 2013

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Top 5 Best and Most Popular Android Applications

top best most popular android applications
Today we are going to announce the top 5 best and most popular android apps of 2013. You might have seen a lot of android applications on different social media networks sites. There are uncountable android apps advertise on Facebook and twitter each every single day. With the invention of JAVA and .Net technology android has become the third one most popular platform for developing different kinds of software and applications. So many java and .net programmers moved into the android world because of having dozens of additional features more than java and .net technology. Since 2013 programming graph has included the android to the top position which gain more popularity in very short duration of period. Now in modern era android considered one of the top Linux operating system. So in today article, we will show you five top best android applications.

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